7 Bollywood Actress Who Wore Sabyasachi On Their Wedding Day

January 2, 2018 — by Team PeppyStory


Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a legend known for designing beautiful bridal outfits. Most brides including Bollywood actress swear by Sabyasachi label for their D Day. His outfits seem to cast a spell on brides by enhancing bride’s beauty by manifolds. The bollywood actress who chose to wear Sabyashachi on their most important day.

1. Anushka Sharma wore a pastel pink lehenga with overall gold silver metal thread embroidery work on it. She looked so royal. She got married in a destination wedding at Italy.

2. The Chak de actor, Sagarika Ghatke looked gorgeous in golden lehenga on her wedding day. It was a hand made benarasi lehenga embroidered with zardosi.

3. Pretty Asin took vows in a beautiful golden lehenga for her Hindu wedding. She got married to Micromax co founder Rahul Sharma.
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4. Bipasha Basu chose a red bengali bridal assemble by Sabyasachi for her wedding day.
BeFunky Collage

5. Beautiful Nafisa Ali’s daughter, Pia Zaranna Sodhi also chose for a pastel outfit for wedding day. She looked like a dream in bird’s egg blue lehenga designed in an Indo-Victorian pattern from the Devi Collection by Sabyasachi.

6. Beautiful Amna Sharif looked like a dream in the peach and red lehenga embellished with polka jewels.

7. Golden lehenga by Sabyasachi seem to favourite among Bollywood Brides including pretty Soha Ali Khan.


15 Awesome Things You Get To Experience When Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

January 1, 2018 — by Team PeppyStory


Awesome Things You Get To Experience When Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

Only a girl who has grown up with an elder or younger sister can tell you how blessed you feel to have the privilege of growing up with one. Not only is she your guide, your mentor and your best friend, but she also is like a protective second mother. She is your partner-in-crime, someone you trust with all your heart and no matter how much or often the two of you fight, you still thank God and your parents secretly for giving you your sister.

And, even though having a brother is fun, there are some wonderful things you can experience only if you have a loving sister who also happens to be your best friend. So, here is a list of all those awesome things.


10 Photos That Prove Animals Are Amazing Posers

December 29, 2017 — by Team PeppyStory


Sometimes animals are so much better than humans at making perfect poses and getting perfect pictures clicked. They know how to give a perfect shot in one go without any retakes. These candid pictures show how animals are born posers

1. Perfect Couple Goals

2. The welcoming cool dude12

3. Perfect model shoot

4. Epic friends Pose

5. Family group photo
SOUTH AFRICAN or CAPE GROUND SQUIRREL Xerus inauris family group in humourous anthropomorphic pose Etosha NP, Namibia, Africa

7. I heard ‘Say Cheese’

8. Just like our friend below, we all know of a person who loves to get clicked while looking into DSLR. 9

9. Basking under sun on beach is my idea of perfect day. 1

10. Perfect magazine cover page57aad42fc03c0e2a402b76b1


This Video Of Virat Kohli Dancing To Punjabi Songs Like A Pro Is Breaking The Internet

January 7, 2017 — by Team PeppyStory



We bet you will be able to stop yourself from dancing to your heart’s content, after watching this! This new video of cricketers Virat Kohli, Mandeep Singh and Chris Gayle, dancing to full-on Punjabi songs, will make your feet tap too.

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They are seen enjoying some serious bhangra moves, with Mandeep Singh leading the trio. Take a look:

It’s quite visible that the boys from IPL’s Royal Challengers Bangalore team, are having a great time after their match, in Punjab. The video was posted by Mandeep on Facebook and has been loved by one and all.

Here’s one more:

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These videos prove that the RCB boys are really the kings of good times! We totally love these all-rounders on and off field!


virat kohli

It’s not the first time that Virat Kohli has let his Punjabi blood take over and burned the dance floor with his killer moves.


Here is a picture of him dancing like a pro Punjabi munda at Rohit Sharma’s wedding:


virat kohli

You can take a look at the video of his dance here.

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Well, is there anything in the world that Virat is not good at? We don’t think so.


13 Bollywood Celebrities Who Started Their Careers As Assistant Directors Before Their Debuts

January 5, 2017 — by Team PeppyStory



If you have ever thought that the star kids like Hrithik Roshan, Varun Dhavan, Sonam Kapoor etc. have entered the film industry because of their golden spoon, then you definitely need to give it a second thought. All of them had their share of struggles and training too. Not only them, but actors such as Sidharth Malhotra, Daisy Shah and Emraan Hashmi who didn’t have a God father in Bollywood have struggled hard to reach where they are today.


Shah Rukh Khan Posts An Adorable Picture Of AbRam On Instagram With The Funniest Caption Ever

January 4, 2017 — by Team PeppyStory



Shah Rukh Khan, a superstar and a super-dad to his three kids- Aryan, Suhana and the naughty AbRam, is a very doting father. He often posts pictures of his kids on social media platforms, especially those of his little one, AbRam.

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But apparently, the King Khan has been forbidden by his family to post the pictures of the kids online. The reason behind this is best known to the Khan parivaar.

But despite that, the much-loving father, found a way around to post AbRam’s cute picture on Instagram. And he did it in style! The actor was in London to celebrate his son Aryan’s graduation, and incidentally Karan Johar’s birthday bash on May 25, also took place in London. That is where the smart actor took a picture of AbRam playing with some colourful balls, and posted it online with the funniest caption ever! Take a look.


The caption read:

“I am forbidden by family to post their pics on the net but sometimes all u need is some balls to tread the forbidden…”

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This one is so amazing and something that only our favourite Shah Rukh could pull off. He isn’t called the king of Bollywood for no reason, is he? And he is not just the king of acting, but also crisp wit and humour.

Karan Johar, later posted a better picture of the cutie-pie AbRam.


The caption of that picture read:

“My favourite boy celebrating my birthday!!! #abram”

This baby boy is the definition of cute, isn’t he? How can anybody refrain from sharing his pictures with the entire world?

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Shah Rukh Khan just keeps upping his game every now and then, giving new parenting goals to all moms and dads in the world! What do you think of his sense of humour? Tell us in the comments section below.


8 Mind-Blowing Theories Why Katappa Killed Baahubali That You Will Find On Internet Today

April 12, 2016 — by Team PeppyStory


8 Mind Blowing Theories Why Katappa Killed Baahubali?

Have you had sleepless nights since the time you saw the climax of India’s magnum opus movie, Baahubali: The Beginning? Have you also wracked your brains for finding the actual reason why Katappa, the loyal Mahishmati warrior killed the people’s favourite Baahubali? Well, then you have come to the right spot!

After painstakingly going through thousands of stories floating on the Internet, we present to you eight of the best here in our way! Take a look and tell if you also thought this is why Katappa killed Baahubali.

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#1. Katappa kills Baahubali on Rajmaata’s orders

8 Mind Blowing Theories Why Katappa Killed Baahubali?

Yes, you read it right! According to some theories on the net, Katappa killed Baahubali on Rajmaata’s orders. Rajmaata must have fixed Devasena’s marriage with Bhallala Deva. However, she fell in love with Baahubali and gets married to him. Bhallala Deva then goes to his mother reprimanding her for not being a good mother to him and favouring Baahubali. Thus Rajmaata asks Katappa to kill Baahubali. Remember, in the opening scene Rajmaata could be heard saying “only she should pay for her sins and not the child.”

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#2. Bhallala Deva had his evil eye on Devasena

8 Mind Blowing Theories Why Katappa Killed Baahubali?

Bhallala Deva had always wanted Devasena for himself. But in swyamvar, she becomes impressed with Baahubali and chooses him for her husband. In a fit of rage, Bhallala Deva’s father asks Baahubali to either choose the kingdom or marry Devasena. Baahubali chooses the latter, however Bhallala Deva in a fit of rage challenges Baahubali for a war and Katappa being loyal to his kingdom had to kill Baahubali in order to save Bhallala Deva.

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#3. Katappa is bluffing to others


This can be true as well. What if Katappa did not kill Baahubali at all? What if he took the blame for someone else on his head? Bhallala Deva in war must have cheated and killed Baahubali from behind. However, Rajmaata must have pleaded to Katappa to take the blame on his head else his son will be killed by the masses. And so, the Katappa’s claims.

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#4. Katappa’s loyalty lies towards the throne of Mahishmati

8 Mind Blowing Theories Why Katappa Killed Baahubali?

When Baahubali decides to marry Devsena even when Rajmaata specifically chose her for Bhallala Deva, then Rajmaata banishes Baahubali from the kingdom. And Bhallala Deva knows he cannot kill Baahubali on his own, so he slyly orders Katappa to kill Baahubali knowing he will not refuse the orders from the heir of the kingdom.

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#5. Bhallala Deva blackmailed Katappa for Rajmaata’s life

8 Mind Blowing Theories Why Katappa Killed Baahubali?

Bhallala Deva must have kidnapped Rajmaata and threatened to end her life if Katappa does not kill Baahubali. Enraged but bound by oath, Katappa agrees to do the dirty deed.

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#6. Katappa never killed Baahubali, it was Bhallala Deva all along

8 Mind Blowing Theories Why Katappa Killed Baahubali?

Remember, when Bhallala Deva comes to meet an aged and tied down Devasena, what does he say to her? That he too, like Devasena, wants Baahubali to come back so that he can kill him once again. Get it? Kill him once again!

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#7. Baahubali is still alive!

8 Mind Blowing Theories Why Katappa Killed Baahubali?

Yes, think about it. The character of Katappa is so righteous and oath bound. So, why would he in first place stab Baahubali, that too from back? And even if he did, what makes you say so that he stabbed Baahubali only. After all, Katappa could not see the face of his opponent. Maybe he was made to believe he stabbed someone who had the same built as Baahubali. And, who knows the real Baahubali might even be held captive somewhere!


#8. Katappa only stabs Baahubali and not ‘kill’ him

8 Mind Blowing Theories Why Katappa Killed Baahubali?

This is the latest analysis that came into light when the screenwriter of Baahubali, K V Vijayendra Prasad said:

“Who said Katappa killed Baahubali. You only saw Katappa stabbing him.”

Now if that is not a big hint, then we don’t know what is!

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All we can do right now is wait till April 17, 2017 when Baahubali: The End will release and finally put an end to all the theories floating on social media. If you too have a theory about why Katappa killed Baahubali, then don’t forget to share it with us in the comments section below!

Note- Some of these theories have been floating on among other social media platforms
Images Courtesy: Baahubali: The Beginning


11 Bollywood Celebs Who Can Make You Bakra Anytime And Anywhere! Beware Of These Pranksters

April 1, 2016 — by Team PeppyStory


11 bollywood actors pranksters ranbir kapoor vidya balan akshay kumar

When the entire world waits for 1st April, All Fool’s Day, there are a few, for whom playing pranks is a 365-day affair. There are a number of Bollywood actors who can drive you crazy with their mischief. Don’t go by their serious, sweet or innocent appearance. Mind you, looks are really deceptive. When they are around, one must keep his eyes, ears and wits open, as a little absent-mindedness, he/she can be bowled by these pranksters’ googly. Here we tell you 11 such names, and you would be surprised to discover this naughty side of their personalities.

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#1. Akshay Kumar

11 Bollywood Pranksters Akshay Kumar april fools day

Image Courtesy: De Dana Dan

He is really the Khiladi of Bollywood. The list of his prank victims is just too long and often they are his co-stars. Flicking their phones and watching them searching for their gadgets anxiously all over the places with lost faces, is his favourite pastime. One of the most hilarious pranks was when he by posing as an Australian journalist called Vidya Balan and asked for an interview.

11 bollywood actors pranksters april fool day akshay kumar and vidya balan

When Vidya started answering him seriously, he kept the call on loud speaker and everyone on the sets was left in stitches watching Vidya being pranked.

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#2. Salman Khan

11 bollywood actors pranksters april fool day salman khan

Image Courtesy: CNN IBN

The Ek Tha Tiger hero is a Dabangg man when it is about playing pranks. On the sets of Tees Maar Khan, he joined hands with Akki and played a prank on Katrina Kaif.

11 bollywood actors pranksters april fool day salman khan katrina kaif akshay kumar

Image Courtesy: Tees Maar Khaan

He even roped in Mithun Chakraborty during the shoot of Lucky to target his co-star Sneha Ullal. Donning up a disguise, Mithun entered the set and started fighting with Salman. They acted their fight so compellingly that Sneha got scared to death and started screaming for help before she almost passed out. Next, she saw the duo rolling on the floor with laughter.

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#3. Vidya Balan

11 Bollywood Actors Pranksters Vidya Balan

Perhaps, she is the only actress who makes an entry on this list. While shooting for The Dirty Picture, she convinced Tusshar Kapoor to blindfold himself and the actor did so, thinking it was the need of the scene. Later, he was surprised to know it was nothing but a prank. Even on the sets of Kismat Konnection, Vidya literally gave shock treatments to the entire crew.

11 bollywood actors pranksters april fool day vidya balan

Image Courtesy: Bobby Jasoos

She mischievously replaced a regular pen with an electric pen and safely placed it next to the director’s monitor. Every time anyone took the pen innocently to write down the shoot details, he or she would get an immediate shock, leaving Vidya to burst into laughter.

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#4. Ajay Devgn

11 Bollywood Actors Pranksters ajay devgn

Ajay is famed as one of the most notorious pranksters. In fact, Bipasha Basu calls him a sucker of gossip and the biggest prankster. His name is saved as Narad Muni on her mobile contact list. Once one of his fans was victimised, and this time Rohit Shetty was a partaker in the prank. Rohit started yelling at the fan, who came to meet Ajay.

11 Bollywood Actors Pranksters Ajay Devgn

Image Courtesy: Daily Bhaskar

The hapless guy started crying and could regain senses only when Ajay surprised him from behind. Similarly, director Sajid Khan had a horrifying experience when Ajay managed to sneak into former’s washroom to leave bloodprints on the mirror and walls. The bloodstains were enough to panic Sajid.

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#5. Shahid Kapoor

11 Bollywood Actors Pranksters shahid kapoor

His Vivaah co-star Amrita Rao could not escape Shahid’s prank. During the shooting of the film, he painted his face with glow-make up with the help of his makeup man and tried scaring Amrita in darkness. Later, she realised who the one with the glow face was. Even the sets of Kismat Konnection turned into his prank ground. He would go there with a small bag, when pressed it would make farting sound. His trainer Abbas was his most beloved target.

11 Bollywood Actors Pranksters shahid kapoor

Image Courtesy: Kismat Connection

Shahid would place the bag in Abbas’s chair in such way, every time he would sit, it would create that awkward sound. Even the entire team joined Shahid in the game and together they would stare at Abbas and pass embarrassing comments.

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#6. Ranbir Kapoor

11 Bollywood Actors Pranksters ranbir kapoor

The hero with innocent looks is not so quiet in real life. He loves to make bakras whenever he gets a chance. The worst targets were Kalki Koechlin and Aditya Roy Kapoor on the sets of Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewaani.

11 Bollywood Actors Pranksters yeh jawani hai deewani ranbir kapoor

In a song sequence, the duo had to drink from shot glasses and Ranbir had coolly replaced the water with vodka beforehand. Unknowingly they sipped the liquid and were left quite shocked.

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#7. Vivek Oberoi

11 bollywood actors pranksters  vivek oberoi

Vivek has been naughty from his childhood and he did not even spare his teachers. Once he was playing carom with a director, suddenly he got up to sleep. Within 10 minutes he was back again and when the director asked him of his returning to play, he promptly claimed he had not been the one playing carom.

11 bollywood actors pranksters  vivek oberoi

Image Courtesy: Daily Bhaskar

The director was scared to the core thinking the place to be spooky.

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#8. Emraan Hashmi

11 Bollywood actors pranksters april fools day emraan hashmi

Image Courtesy: Koffee With Karan

The Dirty Picture sets were kind of prank ground for all its actors. Vidya too become a target of prankster Emraan Hashmi. Decked in Silk Smitha get-up, while Vidya was getting herself ready, holding a glass of soft drink Emraan pretended as he is drinking alcohol and started checking her out.

11 Bollywood actors pranksters april fools day  emraan hashmi vidya balan the dirty picture

Image Courtesy: The Dirty Picture

Assuming he is drunk, Vidya told him not to distract her. He spiced up his trick by saying, ‘what to do, you are looking very hot’. Vidya was puzzled to see everyone giggling and realised he was fooling her.

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#9. Aamir Khan
11 Bollywood actors pranksters april fools day aamir khan 3 idiots

Image Courtesy: 3 Idiots

Many of Aamir’s fellow actresses have been prey to his mischief. The worst victim was Juhi Chawla on the sets of Ishq. Posing as great palmist he proposed Juhi that he would do her palm reading and foretell her future. He told she would build a colossal house with as many as seven bedrooms.

11 Bollywood actors pranksters april fools day aamir khan

Image Courtesy: Ishq

When Juhi was lost in the dreams of her house, he suddenly spat on her palm. Juhi was taken aback at his awful act, Aamir audaciously replied that it is the water for the swimming pool of her house. That’s it! Since then they share a strained relationship.

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#10. Abhishek Bachchan

11 bollywood actors pranksters abhishek bachchan

Abhishek does not restrict his tricks to his co-stars and crew. During the shoot of Tera Jadoo Chal Gaya, he literally jolted producer Vashu Bhagnani to the core. Apparently, the amount of reel was limited for the unit and wastage would stop the shooting till the new stock would arrive. Abhishek got the news. Next he started giving re-takes after re-takes, driving Vashu into nervous fits. After wasting enough amount of the reel, in just one take he completed the rest of the scene.

11 bollywood actors pranksters abhishek bachchan farah khan happy new year

Similarly on the sets of Happy New Year, he flicked Farah Khan’s phone and started posting tweets from her Twitter handle praising himself, which read like ‘”Abhishek Bachchan on the sets…so excited..He’s just the best”, “This Junior Bachchan is fantastic!” and “I wish all my actors were as accomplished and professional as junior Bachchan”.

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#11. Govinda

11 bollywood actors pranksters govinda

Govinda has the reputation of being ruthless in victimising people with his tricks. During the shoot of Jodi No.1, he and Sanjay Dutt went on a joint venture to ensure that their camera assistant never relieves himself under a tree anymore. They cautioned him saying if he dares to do so, he will irk the elements of the supernatural world. He did not listen.

11 bollywood actors pranksters govinda sanjay dutt jodi no. one

Image Courtesy: Haseena Maan Jayegi

Unfortunately, the same tree was there exactly opposite the assistant’s room. Next, he was found rushing to the reception after seeing a skull hovering from the tree. But in reality it was placed by Govinda and Sanjay.

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Harmless pranks are fine as they infuse the fun elements on the sets of shooting. But, one should not cross that thin line, which might cause serious damage.