7 Quick Healthy bites for Breakfast

January 7, 2018 — by Team PeppyStory


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It keeps you energised for the entire day and sets a clock which helps you to eat timely. If you skip breakfast, you are sure to deal with the hunger pangs throughout the day. Those who are on their journey to weight loss are often advised to never skip breakfast. If you are too lazy or busy to cook a breakfast spread, try these healthy and quick bites of breakfast.

1. Granola Bite
Granola bites are super delicious and healthy. With oats, coconut oil, maple syrup and nuts; they are packed with proteins, vitamins and fibres. This is one of the healthiest breakfast bites.

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2. Yoghurt Bites
Yoghurt is a rich source of protein, especially for the vegetarians. It is low in calories and keeps you full for a very long time. Having yoghurt for breakfast is a great idea.

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3. Banana Bite
Whether you want to lose gain weight, banana is one fruit that you cannot avoid. These banana bites have the power to keep you full for at least 3 hours. These are packed with proteins and potassium.

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4. French Toast Bites
French toasts account for the perfect breakfast but what to do when you don’t have the time to cook every French toast individually? Try this simple cinnamon French toast recipe and enjoy a delicious breakfast.

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5. Egg Bites
Eating eggs in the morning is one of the quickest and healthiest options. Don’t be lazy and eat something better than just the plain old eggs. If you do not have the time to make individual omelettes, you will love these bites.

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6. Spinach Cups
Popey swore by it and so should you. Wouldn’t it be amazing to start your day with the spinach? These bite-size cups are fueled by the power of spinach.

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7. Poha
Poha is a perfect Indian breakfast. Not only is this scrumptious but healthy too. Poha is one of the few Indian dishes which are gluten-free. It is a blessing for those who try to avoid rice because of weight gain. These poha bites are sure to become your favourite.

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Now you have so many reasons to eat breakfast every day. Start your day with something delicious and 
healthy. Enjoy the benefits of a healthy breakfast all day long with these super easy breakfast bites.


10 Hacks To Style More With Smart Packing For Vacations

January 4, 2018 — by Team PeppyStory


Vacations are all about exploring new places, relaxing and sipping cocktails while looking our best. We want to be camera ready all the time. While we do want to look stylish when we are on a vacation, it is our need to travel light which stands opposite to our want. With these smart packing tricks, you will be able to carry more items with you without increasing the load!

1. Roll your clothes
This is the best trick when it comes to creating more space in the suitcase. Roll your clothes in sausages and pack them in your bag. This will give you more space to take more clothes with you.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest mauiticketsforless

2. Multipurpose Straws
Staws are very useful when it comes to packing delicate things. You can use them to pack your chains and necklaces. This way, they will neither entangle nor break because of the staws. You can seal one end of the staw using a lighter and stuff it with powder makeup. Seal the other end too and your travel makeup packs are ready.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest Listotic

3. Double Packing
Double packing is the best as it gives you extra space and keeps your stuff in shape. Tuck your underwears inside your bra and then double fold the cups. Your bra will stay in shape and you will be able to save some space too. Similarly, you can stuff your shoes with socks.

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4. No Crease
For those who are taking crease-prone clothes with them, we have the perfect solution. Put your clothes in a dry clean bag and then fold them. The plastic will not let crease to touch your clothes.

5. Delicate Fragrance
Perfume bottles are delicate and expensive but we know that you can’t go anywhere without them. To keep them safe, you can stuff them up in your socks. We know the irony here!

6. Clean Wrap
A clean wrap is a blessing when it comes to handling bottles with liquid in them like the bottles of foundation, shampoo, shower gel, moisturizer and more. Put a square piece of clean wrap on the mouth of the bottle and then place the cap over it. Your spill-proof bottle is ready.

7. Makeup Woes
If you are worried that your second skin will get destroyed during the journey, use cotton pads and balls to keep them intact. Place cotton pads over the makeup and they will be fine. If the problem is storage, swap some Q-tips in your favourite eyeshadow and keep them in a zip-lock pouch.
BeFunky Collage1
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8. Handling Jewellery
No look is complete without some amazing jewellery. You can carry your rings in a pill case and your studs hooked up to the wholes of a button. You can put your jewellery carefully between two sheets of plastic wraps so that they don’t move.
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9. Versatile Fashion Accessories
There are some accessories which are so versatile that they can add a touch of glamour to your every look. For example, you can use a square scarf both as a belt and a bandana. Similarly, you can use your choker as a bracelet as well
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10. Tic-Tac in Tic-Tac
Tic-tac pins come handy when we are trying on those DIY hairstyles. To make sure that they do not go places and damage other stuff, keep them in empty tic-tac boxes. You can keep your bobby pins as in it as well.

You can take all of your favourite stuff on the vacation with these smart packing tricks. Whether it is clothes, makeup, toiletries or delicates, you, now, have a solution for every problem.


Anushka In Manish Malhotra Bridal Outfit Or Sabyasachi Bridal Outfit

January 3, 2018 — by Team PeppyStory


In real life and reel life, Anushka Sharma looked dreamy in bridal outfit. In movie Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, Anushka wore a shimmery red golden bridal lehenga by designer Manish Malhotra. It weighed 17 Kg and she slayed in it. Flaunting her best looks like always, she did justice to her traditional muslim bridal look. Manish Malhotra is known for visual extravaganza couture collection.


Whereas for D Day, Anushka Sharma chose a pastel pink lehenga by Sabyasachi with all over gold silver metal thread work. Her destination wedding in Italy was no less than a failrytale and she looked like a dream. She completed her look with handcrafted bridal jewellery that included  mathapatti, layered necklaces and jhumkas in jadau from Sabyasachi Heritage Jewelry collection. Per designer’s Instagram account, he wrote that it took 67 karigars, 32 days to complete lehenga in silk floss, that bore motifs of exotic birds and butterflies. Lehenga does justice for the hardwork put into it.


Anushka surely did justice to both lehengas but which look do you like the best the ‘real’ one or the ‘reel’ one? Do share your views and let us know.



7 Bollywood Actress Who Wore Sabyasachi On Their Wedding Day

January 2, 2018 — by Team PeppyStory


Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a legend known for designing beautiful bridal outfits. Most brides including Bollywood actress swear by Sabyasachi label for their D Day. His outfits seem to cast a spell on brides by enhancing bride’s beauty by manifolds. The bollywood actress who chose to wear Sabyashachi on their most important day.

1. Anushka Sharma wore a pastel pink lehenga with overall gold silver metal thread embroidery work on it. She looked so royal. She got married in a destination wedding at Italy.

2. The Chak de actor, Sagarika Ghatke looked gorgeous in golden lehenga on her wedding day. It was a hand made benarasi lehenga embroidered with zardosi.

3. Pretty Asin took vows in a beautiful golden lehenga for her Hindu wedding. She got married to Micromax co founder Rahul Sharma.
1 copy

4. Bipasha Basu chose a red bengali bridal assemble by Sabyasachi for her wedding day.
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5. Beautiful Nafisa Ali’s daughter, Pia Zaranna Sodhi also chose for a pastel outfit for wedding day. She looked like a dream in bird’s egg blue lehenga designed in an Indo-Victorian pattern from the Devi Collection by Sabyasachi.

6. Beautiful Amna Sharif looked like a dream in the peach and red lehenga embellished with polka jewels.

7. Golden lehenga by Sabyasachi seem to favourite among Bollywood Brides including pretty Soha Ali Khan.


15 Awesome Things You Get To Experience When Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

January 1, 2018 — by Team PeppyStory


Awesome Things You Get To Experience When Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

Only a girl who has grown up with an elder or younger sister can tell you how blessed you feel to have the privilege of growing up with one. Not only is she your guide, your mentor and your best friend, but she also is like a protective second mother. She is your partner-in-crime, someone you trust with all your heart and no matter how much or often the two of you fight, you still thank God and your parents secretly for giving you your sister.

And, even though having a brother is fun, there are some wonderful things you can experience only if you have a loving sister who also happens to be your best friend. So, here is a list of all those awesome things.


10 Photos That Prove Animals Are Amazing Posers

December 29, 2017 — by Team PeppyStory


Sometimes animals are so much better than humans at making perfect poses and getting perfect pictures clicked. They know how to give a perfect shot in one go without any retakes. These candid pictures show how animals are born posers

1. Perfect Couple Goals

2. The welcoming cool dude12

3. Perfect model shoot

4. Epic friends Pose

5. Family group photo
SOUTH AFRICAN or CAPE GROUND SQUIRREL Xerus inauris family group in humourous anthropomorphic pose Etosha NP, Namibia, Africa

7. I heard ‘Say Cheese’

8. Just like our friend below, we all know of a person who loves to get clicked while looking into DSLR. 9

9. Basking under sun on beach is my idea of perfect day. 1

10. Perfect magazine cover page57aad42fc03c0e2a402b76b1


10 Tricks To Have A Striking First Impression On First Meet

December 23, 2017 — by Team PeppyStory


‘First Impression is the last impression’ because the impact that you create on a person the first time you meet them stays with them for a very long time. When it comes to interviews and meetings, it is the first encounter which decides the rest of your journey with the other person. One doesn’t get many chances. So, make a striking first impression on the first meet with these tricks

1. Statement Clothing
If there is one thing that Harvey Specter has taught us then it is that your clothes play a major role in creating an impression on the other person. The sharper you dress, the more seriously someone will take you. So, dress well to make an impression.

2. Perfect Posture
Your posture speaks a lot about your personality. Whether you sit with your legs crossed or your hands folded, the person opposite to you notices everything. So, don’t slouch and sit with your head tilted. Sit properly while you are having a conversation with the someone.

3. Your Attitude
Your attitude matters a lot when you meet a person for the first time. You have to be confident if you want to create a lasting impression. If you are an introvert, you don’t need to change yourself. Just make sure that every answer that comes from you is direct and on point.

4. Be Welcoming
Since it is the first time that you are meeting a person, be a little gentle. You should build a welcoming environment so that one feels comfortable with you. If there is something that you don’t like, don’t get offended. Be polite and put your point forward.
Awesome Things You Get To Experience When Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

5. Look in the Eyes
When you talk to someone, you should look into their eyes. Not only is this considered the appropriate way of having a conversation, it also shows that you are interested and you have come here because you care. Eye contact also shows confidence.

6. Mind the Words
If you are talking to someone for the first time, it would be the best if you choose your words wisely. Since you do not know the nature of the person sitting in front of you, you cannot guess what might annoy them. So, be selective when it comes to words.
Awesome Things You Get To Experience When Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

7. Research Work
You should know your audience if you want to make an impression that lasts a lifetime, especially if you are going for a job interview. Do some research and get to know about the people, the company and their goals if you do not want to end up looking like a fool.


8. No Phones
This is the time when you will find most of the people hooked-up to their phones. While you should never let your phone come between a good conversation, using a phone while creating a first impression is something that will never be overlooked.


9. Be Yourself
Most of us get a little nervous when we are about to meet people for the first time. To make sure that our meeting goes well, we try to alter our nature. This is something that shouldn’t be done. Just be at ease, don’t be nervous and don’t fabricate anything. Let the other person accept you for who you truly are.


10. Funny Fragrance
A cologne can either leave your note in someone’s mind for a very long time or can make anyone feel sick. Use a fragrance with lighter note and don’t over-do it. Some people feel nauseous because of strong fragrances and you wouldn’t want to do that to any person.

2 tumblr

Now we have given you the full proof plan of making a striking first impression. Don’t be nervous and let your personality leave an impression. It’s time to buckle-up your shoes and make yourself seen.


10 Ways To Upgrade House Without Spending A Fortune

December 21, 2017 — by Team PeppyStory


Upgrading a house can cost bombs which is why most of us suppress our desire of beautifying our abode. If you are keeping yourself from re-decorating your place because of budget issues then, you are going to do a happy dance after reading the easy and budget-friendly ways that we have for upgrading a house

1. Play with Mirrors
If you have limited space and you want it to look breezy and bright, get mirrors into action. While mirrors can cost a bit much, adhesive mirrored tiles don’t. You can use them in your kitchen and in the living area. Not only will they hide the flaws, they are easy to work with and make your place look cleaner and bigger.

2. Renew the Walls
Give your walls some character without spending a fortune. Instead of tiles and expensive wallpapers, use peel-and-stick wall panels. They come at one-third price of the tiles and you can save big time on labour as you don’t need an expert in using them. Just rip off the peel and stick them to your wall.


3. Build Shelves
If you cannot afford different cupboards, upgrade your storage by building shelves. Shelves will give you
more storage space and will keep the area organised. You can do the same in your room with clothes. These shelves look elegant and are cheaper than cupboards.

4. Countertop
When it comes to upgrading your kitchen, you don’t need to change all the cabinets. Work on the countertops and clean the rest of the things. Use faux granite or plywood to refurnish your countertop. Your kitchen will look amazing.

5. Fix and Clean
If you do not have the budget of getting everything new, fix the things which you have and paint them. Clean the faucets, fill in the cracks in the doors and the walls. Get rid of the rust and the dust. It will make your house to look anew.


6. Bring the Green
Green plants can help you big time in renovating a home. Upgrade your home with beautifully potted house plants. It will give your house a fresh touch. For the balcony and the lawn, use veins and plants of different heights to create a landscape. It will give an oomph factor to your place.

7. Create a room outside
Be creative and increase your living space. Use the waste space outside or use a part of your balcony to create an additional room outside your home. This outdoor room will be an added but affordable luxury.


8. Paint and Light
When in doubt, paint your place. Painting the house is one of the cheapest things that you can do to upgrade it. Along with the paint, consider the natural light of your home. If your home is blessed with natural light, use colours like white, light mint and millennial shades in combination with the paint and light. It will make your home look brighter and bigger.


9. DIY Decorations
Use your art and craft and make some beautiful things for your home. Use old jam jars and wine bottles to make your own chandeliers. Fairy lights can help you big time in beautifying your place. You can make strings of photograph and decorate your walls with them.


10. Special Wall
One of the cheapest things that you can do to upgrade your home is to have a signature wall. Paint the main wall of your living room with a deeper colour which contrasts with the rest of your home and furniture. It will give your home a rich look.


You don’t need to empty your pockets to upgrade your home but a clear vision. Get your personality in your home with these simple tricks. With just a few clever tricks, you can make your nest look beautiful.


Wardrobe Hack Ideas To Look Taller And Slimmer

December 20, 2017 — by Team PeppyStory


Looking taller and slimmer is on everyone’s list of wishes. While we can alter our bodies according to our desires, one cannot go completely against the natural body structure. Your wardrobe can, however, make you look the way you want to. With these simple wardrobe hacks, you can look tall and slim at the same time.

1. Black is Bae
Whether you desire looking slimmer or taller, the colour black will never disappoint you. From LBDs to full-length jumpsuits, black is definitely going to cut down a few pounds from your look right away. With the help of black, you can look taller and slimmer.
Image courtesy: Pinterest

2. Patterns and Prints
Prints and patterns can be the key factor in deciding if you will look slimmer and taller or not. While horizontal prints will make you look fat and short, vertical prints will add few inches to your height while decreasing a few from your waistline. For the same reason, stick to small motifs.
Image courtesy: Pinterest

3. Love for Layers
It is a myth that layers add pounds. It can actually work wonders for everyone. In order to look tall and slim, all you need to make sure is to not overdo it. Layer your basic clothes with jackets, plaid shirts and scarves. Do not go for long coats or jackets as they will make you look shorter. Stick to the short ones.7
Image courtesy: Pinterest

4. Rise High
If you want to look tall, high rise pants will help you a lot in that. High-rise jeans, skirts, pants, trousers, anything; create an illusion of longer legs which will help you to look tall. Get these high-rise items in light colours.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

5. Friendly footwear
No, we are not suggesting heels to you! If you want to look taller and slimmer, there are certain types of footwear which can help you like pointed footwear, sneakers, ankle length boots. Other than that, you are safe as far as you stay away from high-knee boots, strap-on heels and uggs. Anything that rises above the ankles and is round will make you look chubby and short.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

6. Pencil and Peplum
Many people believe that they will look slim by wearing baggy clothes while the truth is just the opposite. Pencil skirts, peplum tops and well-fitted jeans will not only make you look slimmer but taller too. The trick is to use peplum to hide the problem area and give a definition to the part which is slimmer.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

7. Colour Blocking
Colour blocking technique is a blessing for anyone who wishes to look slimmer and taller. With this simple technique, you can look the way you want to. Colour blocking is strategically creating different columns of colours of the same shade. Use deeper colours like blue, merlot and green.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

8. Chop and Tie
Long and curly hairs are extremely seductive but they can make you look fat and short. Tame those curls to look slimmer and keep them just a little longer than your shoulders but not more than that. If you don’t want to chop your locks, tie them up in a sleek ponytail or a bun at the top. This will create an illusion of looking taller too.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

9. Give your face definition
It might surprise some but well-defined cheekbones and facial structure can make you look thin and tall. Make your face look elongated with contouring. Create an illusion of stronger cheekbones and sharp jawline. Never overline your lines!

Image courtesy: Pinterest

10. Right Accessories
We all love our accessories but if you are trying to look slim and tall, you might want to stay away from those oversized bags. They are going to make you look so small. A choker is another thing that you should avoid. Go for long necklaces and short earrings instead.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Are you ready to look taller and slimmer now? These hacks are lifesavers and can help you to look amazing every day. Give a makeover to your wardrobe and your wardrobe will do the rest.


10 Ways To Style Like Rich Without Spending Fortune

December 19, 2017 — by Team PeppyStory


Who wouldn’t want to look rich but when the fortune doesn’t favour you, styling rich becomes a distant dream. Don’t lose hope as we are here to help you. We are going to make you look absolutely amazing while keeping you in under your budget. Here are some simple tricks on how you can style like rich without spending a fortune:

1. Appropriate Dressing
The first thing that you need to focus on is appropriate dressing. It means that you cannot show up everywhere in your shorts and t-shirts. This one is especially applicable to men. Wear plain or plaid shirts with your jeans or pants. This will give you a sharp look. For a rather formal setting, wear the same outfit with a jacket.1

2. Fit Matters
If there is one thing that can make or break your look, it is the fitting of your clothes. You will look great if your clothes fit you right. Otherwise, even a suit from Burberry won’t be able to save you. Girls, make sure that your jeans or kurtas are tailored according to your size.2

3. Layering is the Key
Layering is in always in fashion and can save you big time. Instead of buying a number of branded clothes, invest in accessories. Your monotone dress or tops will look fabulous with a scarf or a jacket. Layer your clothes keeping different prints and textures in mind if you wanna look like a million dollar baby.BeFunky Collage

4. Back to the Basics
There are some all-time favourite items which always look expensive when carried well. These are a little black dress, a white shirt, a pair of heels and some decent leather shoes. No matter even if you get these items from a flea market, they always grab attention.3

5. Lace Up
If you really want to dress rich, dress in lace. Laces have something about them which gives them a royal touch, maybe because most of the queens wore it. Clothes with lace on do not cost a bundle but surely look amazing.

6. Bare Minimals
If you want to show an air of wealth without spending much, don’t go flaunting those chunky watches and metallic necklaces. Keep your jewellery, especially necklaces, simple. If you are wearing artificial jewellery, stick to strings. This will make you look elegant and no one would notice that they are fake.


7. Coordinate your attire
Make sure to coordinate your attire even if you are on a budget. Your bag, shoes and outfit should talk to each other. If you think that an accessory doesn’t do justice to your attire, drop it as it can spoil the entire look.


8. Classic Colours
There are some colours which never go out of style and are so versatile that they can work with anything. If you are on a budget, invest in clothes and accessories in colours like black, white, tan, nude or blue. These work well with other colours too. For example, you can wear your black shoes with your floral print dress, black skirt and even white. Animal prints  should be worn only as a accent piece like scarf, shrug


7. Take care of the loose ends
One of the greatest faux pas that can happen is threads hanging from the dress or the stitching coming out. So, when you go shopping, make sure that the clothes or the accessories that you are buying do not have loose ends. They needn’t be super finished but they should hold on well.


10. Grooming is must
Investing in yourself is the biggest asset. If your hygiene is impeccable, your confidence is high and your manners are polite you can make anything look rich and classy. If your hair is greasy, untidy and you are slouching, not even Armani can save you.

Bollywood Actors Who Refuse To Ever Work Together Again

You don’t need money to look rich, you just need style. With these simple tricks, you are going to be a gorgeous person anywhere you go. Keep your game and your style always up.