This Video Talks About Why Indian Boys Don’t Do Housework And You Should Be Wondering Too

October 9, 2015 — by Debiparna


Thomson Reuters Foundation recently released the trailer of a short documentary named Why Boys Don’t Do Housework In Mumbai.  Princi and Mohsin, seen in this trailer, happen to be two 15-year-olds, who study in Shahajinagar High School in Mumbai, where this documentary has been filmed. They are also a part of the ICRW (International Centre for Research on Women) run Gender Equality Movement in Schools (GEMS) programme, which teaches students to question gender norms in their society.

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Watch it here:

Discussions about gender equality usually revolve around issues such as violence, economic disparities, etc. But, what GEMS programme is doing is truly commendable, since this is what is needed in a country like India. Making men sensitive towards gender bias at a young age is crucial. In order to truly empower women and give them equal footing in our society, we need to provide girls an arena where they get to utilise more opportunities.

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Things like household work, early marriage, early pregnancy, among several other gender related barriers, hold girls back from gaining education and becoming independent. GEMS has been doing workshops in schools for the purpose of gender sensitisation, and as a part of this they are raising awareness about the gender related micro problems that exist in our society.

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Men are often made fun of for helping out in the house. While women, on the other hand are rebuked for wanting to work outside the homes. But, work inside or even outside the home is ultimately not about one’s gender. And, that is a crucial message. The moment we succeed in removing the social stigma attached with genderless actions, we will take a large step in the eradication of gender inequality.


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October 11 has been declared ‘International Day of the Girl Child’ by the United Nations. And, this year let us all take a pledge to strive harder towards achieving gender equality for a world that is free of discrimination against women everywhere.

Video and Image Courtesy: Thomson Reuters Foundation