Watch Shah Rukh Khan Celebrate His 50th Birthday With Family And Fans Outside Mannat

November 2, 2015 — by Rinkel

shahrukh khan celebrates 50th birthday w2ith fans and family outside mannat
King Khan turned 50 on November 2, 2015! And, on the eve of his birthday, he decided to spend time with those who are responsible for making him the ruling Badshaah of Bollywood- his fans! And that too, outside his home Mannat. [Do take A Sneak Peek Inside Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan’s Royal Mansion]

shah rukh khan 50 birthday celebrates with fans outside mannat birthday selfie

Shah Rukh himself posted a video with his fans on his social media page thanking them all. Check it out!


Thank you all…

Posted by Shah Rukh Khan on Sunday, November 1, 2015

It was a total frenzy as media, fans and security alike were standing outside the home of Shah Rukh Khan midnight, when he decided to greet and thank his fans for all the love and blessings being showered on the mega star on his birthday.

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shahrukh khan birthday selfie with fans 50th birthday outside mannat

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This birthday became all the more special for Shah Rukh because this is the first time his fan clubs round the world came together to celebrate their favourite actor’s golden jubilee birthday. And, Khan being his ever charming self-made it a point to oblige his fans by acknowledging the special things planned by them. And for obvious reasons, #Happybirthdaysrk is trending on the Internet today!


shahrukh khan birthday selfie with fans 50th birthday outside mannat

Images Courtesy: Indiawaale (Instagram)

shahrukh khan birthday selfie with fans 50th birthday outside mannat

shahrukh khan celebrates 50 birthday outside mannat with fans

Images Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

Gauri, the doting wife also posted a picture of Shah Rukh cutting the cake with her and their kids, son, Aryan and daughter, Suhana on Instagram.

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shah rukh kahn celebrates 50th birthday with fans outside mannat

shahr ukh khan celebrates 50th birthday withfans outside mannat

Images Courtesy: Gauri Khan (Instagram)

Earlier in the night, Khan took to Twitter to thank all his fans with a special message. Take a look.

shahrukh khan birthday selfie with fans 50th birthday outside mannat

But, this is not all. The best birthday wish to the star came from none other than Salman Khan himself! The two Khans who are known to share a ‘love-hate’ relationship, have always captured the eyes of the media. And, with this sweet birthday wish, Salman Khan made it clear once again that all is certainly well between the two Khans.

shah rukh khan celebrates 50 birthday with fanbs outside mannat salman khan wishes him

And while on the subject of Salman Khan, do you remember this Rip-Roaringly Funny Parody Of Salman Khan’s Main Hoon Hero Tera song?

Here is Salman Khan’s special birthday wish as quoted by Business Of Cinema:

“I will wish him best in life, will wish him best of health, family success and most amazing life, for his whole family to be healthy and to children to take his name forward, beyond what Shah Rukh Khan did.”

Well, Shah Rukh Khan is having a really special 50th birthday, what with fans, media and fellow co-stars all wishing him well. But wait! picture abhi baaki hai mere dost.

On the occassion of his birthday, Yash Raj Films released the second poster of the star’s upcoming movie Fan.

shah rukh khan celebrates 50th birthday outside mannat

And, with that we leave you with the first look of Shah Rukh Khan as Gaurav, the ‘Fan’.

shah rukh khan celebrates 50th borthday with fans outside mannat

Image Courtesy: Yash Raj Films

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