Watch How Shah Rukh Khan Trolled His Trolls In This Hilarious Dilwale Parody

December 21, 2015 — by Debiparna

dilwale gerua parody

Shah Rukh Khan can simply do no wrong in our eyes, even when he keeps gifting us brilliant movies like, Chennai Express, Happy New Year, and Dilwale. People have been laughing at the Dilwale song, Gerua from the moment its music video released. We will fess up; we have caught ourselves humming the catchy tune several times before berating our idle brains. But, when Shudh Desi Gaane came out with the parody of Gerua, we had to share it with you, because Shah Rukh himself is doing some good-hearted trolling in it, and we are absolutely loving it! Watch it here:

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Dilwale has been officially certified a dud, even by some of Shah Rukh’s most loyal followers. When other stars are busy falling victim to the recent surge of parodies left, right, and centre, Shah Rukh, in his true style, has played it smart. He has trolled his trolls perfectly in this video, even before they got a chance to get to him. And, only Shah Rukh can laugh at himself this way.

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We keep praying that our beloved stars stop churning out garbage movies in the name of entertainment, and that the fans stop paying hundreds of bucks to turn them into multi-million blockbusters. But, who has the time for such bagawat in a nation where actors and cricketers are put on the same pedestal as gods and goddesses? And, let us be honest, we would happily sit in stunned silence as we watch the brilliant show that is CID, just because Shah Rukh made a special appearance there to promote Dilwale.

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If there is one star we love no matter what he does, it is Shah Rukh Khan. You know why? It is because he knows all about and accepts the criticism showered on his movies, and still somehow manages to win our hearts with his on-point witticisms and sarcastic quips.

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We hope you enjoyed this parody as much as we did. Cheers to Shah Rukh! May he always keep us this entertained.

Video and Cover Image Courtesy: Shudh Desi Gaane