Wardrobe Hack Ideas To Look Taller And Slimmer

December 20, 2017 — by Team PeppyStory

Looking taller and slimmer is on everyone’s list of wishes. While we can alter our bodies according to our desires, one cannot go completely against the natural body structure. Your wardrobe can, however, make you look the way you want to. With these simple wardrobe hacks, you can look tall and slim at the same time.

1. Black is Bae
Whether you desire looking slimmer or taller, the colour black will never disappoint you. From LBDs to full-length jumpsuits, black is definitely going to cut down a few pounds from your look right away. With the help of black, you can look taller and slimmer.
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2. Patterns and Prints
Prints and patterns can be the key factor in deciding if you will look slimmer and taller or not. While horizontal prints will make you look fat and short, vertical prints will add few inches to your height while decreasing a few from your waistline. For the same reason, stick to small motifs.
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3. Love for Layers
It is a myth that layers add pounds. It can actually work wonders for everyone. In order to look tall and slim, all you need to make sure is to not overdo it. Layer your basic clothes with jackets, plaid shirts and scarves. Do not go for long coats or jackets as they will make you look shorter. Stick to the short ones.7
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4. Rise High
If you want to look tall, high rise pants will help you a lot in that. High-rise jeans, skirts, pants, trousers, anything; create an illusion of longer legs which will help you to look tall. Get these high-rise items in light colours.

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5. Friendly footwear
No, we are not suggesting heels to you! If you want to look taller and slimmer, there are certain types of footwear which can help you like pointed footwear, sneakers, ankle length boots. Other than that, you are safe as far as you stay away from high-knee boots, strap-on heels and uggs. Anything that rises above the ankles and is round will make you look chubby and short.

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6. Pencil and Peplum
Many people believe that they will look slim by wearing baggy clothes while the truth is just the opposite. Pencil skirts, peplum tops and well-fitted jeans will not only make you look slimmer but taller too. The trick is to use peplum to hide the problem area and give a definition to the part which is slimmer.

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7. Colour Blocking
Colour blocking technique is a blessing for anyone who wishes to look slimmer and taller. With this simple technique, you can look the way you want to. Colour blocking is strategically creating different columns of colours of the same shade. Use deeper colours like blue, merlot and green.

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8. Chop and Tie
Long and curly hairs are extremely seductive but they can make you look fat and short. Tame those curls to look slimmer and keep them just a little longer than your shoulders but not more than that. If you don’t want to chop your locks, tie them up in a sleek ponytail or a bun at the top. This will create an illusion of looking taller too.

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9. Give your face definition
It might surprise some but well-defined cheekbones and facial structure can make you look thin and tall. Make your face look elongated with contouring. Create an illusion of stronger cheekbones and sharp jawline. Never overline your lines!

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10. Right Accessories
We all love our accessories but if you are trying to look slim and tall, you might want to stay away from those oversized bags. They are going to make you look so small. A choker is another thing that you should avoid. Go for long necklaces and short earrings instead.

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Are you ready to look taller and slimmer now? These hacks are lifesavers and can help you to look amazing every day. Give a makeover to your wardrobe and your wardrobe will do the rest.