#TravellersBeware: 10 Things About Travelling Abroad That Every Indian Must Know For Their Safety

October 14, 2015 — by Team PeppyStory


Travellers are people who not only love but have a need to travel. They have a thirst for travelling that not everyone possesses. They are different from tourists and casual travellers. They will get off the beaten path, and dare to go to places that nobody else has.

The most common trait among serious travellers is that they love to travel whether they go alone or with others. Anybody who can travel to different places all by themselves is a true traveller at heart. However, be a tourist or a traveller, the need to be careful is of utmost importance. You need to be cautious about a lot of things, especially if you are going abroad. This list of things should act as a guide for all those Indians who are planning to travel abroad.

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#1. Be observant

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This is usually the best form of staying secure in any part of the world. Because people all over the world are the same and if you are observant, you will notice hustlers from a distance, or through their manner of speaking perhaps. As travellers, it comes quite naturally to most of us, however, you still must make a mental note to being observant.

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#2. Be mindful of your belongings

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This is really the most basic advice anyone can give to budding travellers. When you travel, your belongings are everything and you cannot afford to get fleeced or robbed. Always know where each and every piece of your luggage is. It will be easier and more practical if you carry as little luggage as possible. Make a note to always count your bags when leaving a place.

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#3. Look out for red flag zones

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Red flag zones are nothing but areas in any particular country or city that are marked as being infamous for having criminal activity. These lists will alert you beforehand of certain locations, so that you can steer clear of them. The criminal element is present in all countries. You must always be on the lookout for such danger.

#4. Always carry sufficient money

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Whether we like it or not, the world revolves around money; and you must surely have a certain budget in mind. You should always keep a little extra aside for miscellaneous expenses. You never know when money might come handy and save your life. You also do not want to end up spending all of your money leaving you with nothing to cover expenses on the return journey. So, always carry a little extra cash.

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#5. Carry a map

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We know that in today’s time of 24×7 connectivity and app-assisted services; carrying a physical copy of the map of your destination seems weird. But what would you do if something happens to your smartphone or there is no connectivity? Well, having a map is always great because you can plan further and decide on the progression of your trip accordingly. Mark important places you want to visit and then stay on course without faltering.

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#6. Do not reveal too much to strangers

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Con artists have a way of getting away with all kinds of terrible robbery. They do this by taking their victims into confidence over the course of a few minutes or a couple of days. Foreigners are the best and most common kind of people that are usually targeted by con artists belonging to any country. Just because it is not India, does not mean people do not beg, borrow and steal.

#7. Do not eat too much street food


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Being safe in a foreign country is not just about being aware of thieves. It also includes diseases. The most common way to be sick on your travels is to avoid eating food that does not agree with your system. Very often we end up having street food because the budget is limited or we wish to taste the local cuisine. Well, our advice to you would be to think twice before consuming anything from the streets of a foreign country. You never know when any unfamiliar virus or disease shall strike you.

#8. Look for proper hotels


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The most crucial part of your journey is going to be your stay. Therefore, the place that is going to host you, should have proper security measures. Avoid staying at shady or cheap hotels. That is where most of the negative elements of that particular city will gather or hound at the end of the day. It is better to stay clear of such areas, and choose a decent hotel that is located in a decent neighbourhood.

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#9. Keep your documents close


The biggest fear when travelling in a foreign city is that you may get lost or your proof of citizenship will get misplaced. You cannot afford to misplace your documents as they are the only proof of your Indian citizenship. You will not be allowed to travel anywhere without them, and it is strongly suggested that you keep them with yourself at all times. Also, most foreign countries have illegal passport rackets going on where passports are stolen and fakes are created using the stolen ones, so beware!

#10. Be well-mannered


As someone long ago said, manners make a man. It holds true for all walks of life. If you are well-mannered and fair in your dealings and interactions, then most people will act with the same courtesy and respect. Steer clear of people who try to get you to break your code of manners. Also remember that silence is always golden, and you will be respected more if you just manage to stay quiet for a while.

Most Indians think that abroad is heaven compared to India, and then they start having unrealistic expectations. Many places that are hubs for tourists are also places that have a high crime rate. You need to be prepared for all kind of eventualities. The above mentioned guidelines should help you and your companions to stay safe on your travels in foreign nations.

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