11 Biggest And Most Controversial Fights In Bigg Boss House Over The Years

January 18, 2016 — by Rinkel


10 biggest and controversial fights in bigg boss house  prince narula rishab sinha, kushal tandon gauhar khan, imam siddqui, dolly bindra, urvashi dholakia bigg bossfights

Admit it. You all  love watching a good old mean fight in Bigg Boss. Be it the crass, Dolly Bindra or a fire-spitting, Armaan Kohli, or even the bottle-hurling, KRK, we all remember some of the biggest fights that the house of Bigg Boss witnessed over the years. And so, in honour of the first big fight in the latest season of Bigg Boss [Bigg Boss Double Trouble or BB9], we take you down the memory lane revisiting the most controversial fights in Bigg Boss house. [Get A Sneak Peek Inside Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan’s Royal Mansion, Mannat too!]

#1. Dolly Bindra-Manoj Tiwari

10 biggest and controversial fights in bigg boss house dolly bindra and manoj tiwari

Remember the epic, “Baap Pe Mat Jaana”, a line which literally took the nation by storm and made actress, Dolly Bindra famous [or rather infamous!] overnight. Well, it is one of the most talked about fights from all the seasons of Bigg Boss. A brawl that happened over eggs in the kitchen, turned into an ugly spat between Dolly and the Bhojpuri superstar, Manoj Tiwari.

10 biggest and controversial fights in bigg boss house  dolly bindra manoj tiwari bigg boss fight

Gif via India Forums

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#2. Mahek Chahal-Sky Saigal

10 biggest and controversial fights in bigg boss house  mehak chahal sky sehgal

When Bollywood actress, Mahek Chahal got into an argument with her nemesis on the show, TV actor, Sky [earlier called Akashdeep] of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi fame, little did she know that she would end up getting burnt! In a moment of heated argument, Sky started bringing things from Mahek’s past and amidst accusations, Mahek crumpled down in a heap of tears.

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#3. KRK-Rohit Verma

10 biggest and controversial fights in bigg boss house KRK rohit verma season 3

Kamaal Rashid Khan, who was part of Bigg Boss Season 3 is not the one to mince his opinions. And it is that, which led him to enter into a spat with his housemate, designer Rohit Verma. Things got so bad between the two that KRK ended up hurling a bottle at Rohit, which led to KRK’s immediate eviction from the house.

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#4. Kushal Tandon-VJ Andy

10 biggest and controversial fights in bigg boss house  kushaL TANDON GAUAHR KHAN VJ ANDY

TV actor, Kushal Tandon who fell in love with fellow housemate, actress Gauahar Khan in the 7th season of Bigg Boss, got into a physical fight with another housemate, VJ Andy. In one of the tasks assigned by Bigg Boss, wherein Andy had to irk and irritate the housemates and they had to ignore his antics, Andy ended up making unpleasant remarks about Gauahar’s lingerie. This caused Kushal to lose his temper and he hit Andy. For his behaviour, Bigg Boss evicted Kushal from the house immediately, and a visibly upset Gauahar volunteered to leave the house with him. Kushal, for a while even thought his career is going to go down in dumps because of this incident. But luckily, he is working in Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie, Raees, which also stars Pakistani actress, Mahira Khan!

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#5. Ali Quli Mirza- Sonali Raut

10 biggest and controversial fights in bigg boss house ali sonali raut

Last year in Bigg Boss 8, contestant Sonali Raut slapped her co-contestant, Ali Quli Mirza over some derogatory remarks that he made about her. The incident came into limelight when Ali started packing his bags and even tried to climb the roof of the house making the claim that as per the rules of Bigg Boss house, violence is prohibited. As an action, Bigg Boss nominated Sonali for eviction as long as she stayed in the house.

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#6. Pooja Missra- Siddharth Bhardwaj

10 biggest and controversial fights in bigg boss house  siddharth bhardwaj pooja missra

Seems like quite a lot of contestants have tried scaling the rooftop of the Bigg Boss house in an attempt to leave it. After the likes of Rahul Mahajan, Raja Chaudhry and Ashutosh Kaushik (Season 2), MTV VJ, Siddharth Bhardwaj too joined their ranks when he had a tiff with his co-contestant, Pooja ‘spare me’ Missra. The latter had been known to pick fights with all the housemates. And when she slammed a door in the face of Siddharth, things got out of hand.

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#7. Imam Siddique-Urvashi Dholakia

10 biggest and controversial fights in bigg boss house  imam siddiquie urvashi dholakia

The notorious Imam Siddique, who so far has been one of the most controversial wild card entrants of any season of Bigg Boss, got into an infamous fight with TV actress, Urvashi Dholakia, which went on for quite a long time. He even hurled abuses at Urvashi’s personal life including her parenting skills leaving the actress in tears.

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#8. Dolly Bindra-Shweta Tiwari

10 biggest and controversial fights in bigg boss house  dolly bindra shweta tiwari

Dolly Bindra has been one rowdy contestant to have shaken up the walls of the Bigg Boss house in season 4. In an aerobics task, this loud contestant got into a physical fight with TV actress, Shweta Tiwari, leaving the latter with visible bruises on her arms. Things got really spicy when another contestant, actor Samir Soni intervened and took up a stand to get Dolly Bindra evicted from the house!

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#9. Rakhi Sawant-Kashmira Shah

10 biggest and controversial fights in bigg boss house  rakhi sawant kashmira shah

Motormouth, Rakhi Sawant graced the first ever house of Bigg Boss along with equally catty Kashmira Shah. And between them, these two managed to get into a lot of TRP-worthy fights! Remember, the time when Kashmira turned everyone in the house against Rakhi? Or the time when Rakhi Sawant got into a fight with actor, Amit Sadh over her mug! Good times, weren’t they?

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#10. Prince Narula-Rishabh Sinha

10 biggest and controversial fights in bigg boss house  prince narula rishab sinha

Although the latest season of Bigg Boss [also known as double trouble] started on a slow note, it really picked up pace since the wild card entry of actor, Rishabh Sinha. Since his entry, the actor has been trying to rile up contestants for a fight.

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10 biggest and controversial fights in bigg boss house  pricne narula rishab sinha

And recently, he got into a heated spat with Roadies winner, Prince Narula over the former’s behaviour in a task.

10 biggest and controversial fights in bigg boss house  kishwaer merchant

Apparently, Rishabh made TV actress, Kishwar Merchant crawl like a dog for three hours straight, which prompted Prince to take up a stand, and the two could be seen arguing with each other throughout the episode.

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bigg boss 9 cycle task prince narula rihab singh mandana suyash aman verma kishwer

bigg boss 9 suyyash rochelle aman verma mandana kishwer rishabh

#11. Mandana Karimi-Kishwer Merchant

10 biggest and most controversial fights in bigg boss mandana karimi and kishwer merchant bigg boss 9

Mandana Karimi surely has been the discovery of this Bigg Boss Season. The Irani actress who will also bee seen in soon-to-be realesed sex comedy, Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 has surely had her fair share of pangas with almost all the housemates, especially Kishwer Merchant. Mid-way in the show, Mandana and Kishwer locked heads when the former kicked the latter in the guts.

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10 most biggest and controversial fights in bigg boss 9

Kishwer created a lot of hue and cry about the incident, threatening even to quit the show. Mandana on her part, said it was in self defence as Kishwer tried to ‘choke’ her with her mike belt. Since then, the two became sworn enemies.

Well, isn’t seeing these fights once again a really nice way to stay hot in this winter season?  As Bigg Boss Season 9 is approaching its finale, stay glued to your TV screens and Peppystory for more updates!

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Shah Rukh Khan And Salman Khan Reunion In Bigg Boss 9 Set The Stage On Fire

December 20, 2015 — by Aashima



“Mere Karan Arjun aaenge,” said Rakhi years back and guess what, Karan and Arjun have finally come. After a very long time, we will see Bollywood’s two most-loved actors, Shah Rukh and Salman, come together on-screen. Great news for all the Khan fans, isn’t it?

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As we all know, Shah Rukh Khan’s much-awaited movie, Dilwale released yesterday, and King Khan is in full swing, promoting the movie. His friend-turned-foe-turned-friend again, Salman decided to invite him on the sets of his show, Bigg Boss Double Trouble to promote Dilwale. They had a blast shooting together again.

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salman shahrukh

According to a source, both the Khans were seen having a heart-warming conversation with each other outside Salman’s vanity, before they went to shoot the promo.

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salman shahrukh 1

Sources also reveal that SRK was supposed to be there for a short period of time, but he ended up spending five to six hours with Salman.

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We would also like to share with you a rather fun conversation between Shah Rukh and Salman about their alleged fight in 2008. This is also a part of the promo. Here it is, exclusively for you:

Shah Rukh Khan: Main tujhse naraaz hun

Salman Khan: Abhi bhi dil mein kuch baatein chubhti hain


The team of Bigg Boss has something very special for a dhamakedar entry of the two Khans. The housemates have welcomed the epic poster of SRK and Salman riding the Sholay bike, like Jai and Veeru. They seem to be very excited to welcome the two stars inside the house. Yes, Salman and Shah Rukh will enter the Bigg Boss house, and meet all the inmates personally in today’s episode. They will also share the same stage after a very long time and will be seen entertaining the audience.

Some pics from last night’s show:

salman khan and shah rukh khan bigg boss9



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Finally, we will see something interesting on this year’s Bigg Boss. We are sure, this episode is going to be the best one till date! Karan Arjun are back together, and we are totally loving it! 

Images Courtesy: Bigg Boss 9


Rimi Sen Finally Gets Evicted From The Bigg Boss House

November 30, 2015 — by Aashima


rimi sen gets evicted from bigg boss house 9

Yes guys, the news is confirmed, Rimi Sen is out of the Bigg Boss house finally. Known as the lady KRK of the show, Rimi is the latest contestant to say goodbye to the Bigg Boss house. She was the wittiest of them all. Her one-liners were epic.

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Undoubtedly, she was initially the most interesting contestant of Bigg Boss Season 9. Pure entertainment! But after a few weeks, she became a little annoying as she was doing NOTHING!


She deserves a big round of applause though, for surviving in this house for 7 weeks without moving even a pin! She was a total dud when it came to tasks. Her plan was to do nothing inside the house and increase her bank balance.

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Every day, she was complaining, cursing and blaming the show for being the worst show. She was also cursing fans for saving her every week.


Last week, Bigg Boss even made an announcement that those who do not respect the show can leave. She was given a chance to leave the house, but she did not. This left other fellow contestants a little shocked. But now, she is finally evicted by the aam janta. A sigh of relief!

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