Sonu Nigam’s Heart-Warming Song With India’s First Transgender Band Is Here And You Will Love It

March 8, 2016 — by Debiparna

The 6-Pack Band is India’s first transgender band. They created a social media ripple with their first music video, Hum Hain Happy, which was a rendition of Pharrell William’s super-hit number, Happy. This time they are back with their second video and first collaboration with singer, Sonu Nigam, with the song Sab Rab De Bande.

Y-Films, which is the youth wing of Yash Raj Films is behind the whole initiative. Watch the video here:

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The story begins with a boy, who is rudely interrupted by his father during a personal moment of self-discovery as a woman. The story moves forward with her life as an adult and the prejudices she faces in a regressive society that still continues to judge people superficially.

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6-Pack Band

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The 6-Pack Band surprised Shah Rukh Khan in his green room during the launch of the theatrical trailer of Fan. They sang a few lines from the Jabra track for him, and they even shook a leg together. It was a moment that will bring a smile to your face for sure.

Image Courtesy: Twitter

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Discrimination based on a person’s gender and sexual identity is not only medieval; it is a breach of basic rights to privacy and human dignity. The 6-Pack Band is creating history with their endeavour and we are more than eagerly looking forward to their next video. Three cheers to a discrimination-free tomorrow for the LGBTQ community.

Video and Image Courtesy: Y-Films