#ShockFactor: 10 Ridiculously Insane Diets That People Across The World Have Tried To Lose Weight

September 29, 2015 — by Team PeppyStory


All of us at some point feel differently about our bodies. And, diets are something that promise to achieve the results that we wish to see in as little time as possible. But, not all diets are healthy. Some of them can make your body’s health worse! Well, this list is an amalgamation of those diets that you should steer clear of, no matter how fast the results are promised.

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#1. Tapeworm diet

This diet is straight out of a horror movie as it involves the purposeful growing of tapeworms in your stomach! Isn’t that a bit extreme?

tapeworm diet

Image Courtesy: The Tyra Banks Show

Well, not for everybody because quite a few brave souls have tried this for themselves. A person following this diet will have to gulp down tapeworm cyst pills so as to grow tapeworms inside their intestines. The tapeworms, in turn, will eat away all the food products until the desired weight is achieved. Tapeworms are not as timid as they sound though. They can grow up to the length of 30 feet, and can actually cause a whole range of dietary issues. They also lead to acute nutrient deficiency in your body. Watch out for this diet and decline it every time someone suggests to you!

#2. Caveman diet

caveman diet

As the name suggests, this diet mimics the diet of our forefathers– the cavemen. The cavemen of yore had to strive for their food. And their options, as we know, were quite limited. They survived on a regular diet of lean meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, roots and nuts. This diet excludes the most necessary and healthy salts, dairy products, legumes, refined sugar and processed oils from your plate. Now, why would someone want to follow the diet of a race whose average lifespan was only 15 years? Evolution is clearly lost on such people. This diet is unhealthy as legumes, dairy products and oils are necessary and full of important nutrients. If you have already started following this diet, then at least do not overdo it, and consult a doctor at once.

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#3. Hollywood diet

hollywood diet

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This diet was created by two guys called Larry and Jamie. They administered this diet through their website, which claims that it will help you get that svelte figure in no time. They sell cookies and shakes created by their own recipe on their website. These so-called ‘delicacies’ have to be eaten for 24 hours or more, which will then reportedly lead to weight loss of 9 to 10 pounds. Low-calorie diets that border on the extreme like this one are supremely dangerous for your health. It actually follows the starvation pattern and the pounds that you shed will be nothing but water weight. Such diets should not be followed for more than a few days.

#4. Pasta and Chocolate diet

pasta and chocolate diet

Doesn’t this diet sound too good to be true? It is! Many of us had our mouths watering and proverbial dreams fulfilled after reading about this diet. But hold on to your horses because everything is not always as it seems. This diet will have you drinking nothing but water throughout the time period that you follow it. Even the chocolate you get to have is just an ounce, and that too at the end of the day. Pastas are permitted for lunch and dinner along with some popcorn. The foods that this diet prohibits are: alcohol, carbonated drinks, tea, coffee, nuts, sugar and all junk food (except popcorn), fried foods, dairy products, meat and salt. Yes, this diet allows fried food. We wonder, is that not like a weight gainer? As you can probably tell, this diet is self-contradictory and best left alone.

#5. Baby Food diet

baby food diet

This diet is just as ridiculous as it sounds. It involves rationed intake of small portions of pureed foods. Sure it works for babies, but a grown man or woman is not really serviced well by such a diet. Grown people need a certain quantity of nutrients to function healthily. This diet takes those away from you. Even the dinner that is permitted is a low-calorie one. Stay away from this diet, grown ups! Just lower your sodium content and have a lot of fruits as that is way more simple and effective.

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#6. Chicken Soup diet

chicken soup diet

This diet sounds amazing, right? Well, let us enlighten you further. This diet allows one normal breakfast per day and after that you can drink all the chicken soup that you want. Now even though it still sounds good, just imagine having chicken soup for all meals except breakfast. This will have to continue till you lose the desired weight. Among other things, this diet is known to cause malnutrition. Your body needs a whole variety of nutrients to stay healthy. While chicken soup may be healthy, it still needs to be supplemented with other nutritious foods for a healthy outcome.

#7. The feeding tube diet

feeding tube diet

Probably the most extreme diet on this list, it involves you eating through a feeding tube that is doctor-monitored. A protein- and fat-rich and low-calorie intake is pumped through the tube directly into your stomach. This leads to a process called ketosis, where the body starts burning fat at a faster pace. This diet is really unhealthy. Aside from the fact that it almost mimics the habits of a junkie, this diet has side-effects that include dehydration, kidney stones, constipation, headaches and dizziness. The worst side-effect of all is, the unhealthy relationship with food. So, stay away from this one.

#8. The Grapefruit Juice diet

grapefruit diet

This diet allows you to eat whatever you want, and how much you want! No really, it is true. The diet allows all kinds of food like meat, salads and bacon. You can double or triple the amount as and when you wish and fry the food in butter while also adding cheese. The only rule is to have eight ounces of grapefruit juice with every meal. Apparently, it helps in the burning of fat as long as you eat the right combination. You also need to drink eight glasses of water every day. The real eye opener is the flimsy promise that you will lose 52 pounds in two and a half month. Sounds impossible?  Of course it does, because it is!

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#9. Werewolf diet

werewolf diet

This diet is named as such because it proclaims that since the human body possesses a lot of water content, it is affected by the flow of the tide depending on the moon. Fasting (including water) during a full moon cleanses the body of toxins at an accelerated pace according to this diet. In quantifiable terms, it means up to six pounds a day! Fasting for short periods of time is ok, but there is no scientific proof to support the claim that our bodies need cleansing. Kidneys already fulfill that function and clean the system 24 hours by flushing out toxins and waste materials. A water diet is especially not needed.

#10. Sleeping Beauty diet

sleeping beauty diet

This diet involves skipping meals by taking a nap. Made popular by the rumoured participation of Elvis Presley himself, this diet also finds mention in the popular 60’s novel ‘Valleys and Dolls’. The sleeping part of this diet is drug induced. So you drug yourself to sleep for a few days, and wake up a whole lot lighter days after! It is nothing, but body starvation!

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Getting that perfect shape and figure will take time and effort.  Not eating and drinking for days can lead to dehydration and slower metabolism. But the real danger is death, as taking unregulated amounts of drugs in your body can prove detrimental for your organs as well as fatal.