18 Weird Nicknames Of Your Favourite Bollywood Celebs You Did Not Know Before

October 6, 2015 — by Team PeppyStory


From being embarrassing to cute, nicknames can create or destroy your personalities. Not literally though, but surely among your peers. Well, the scenario has been same for our Bollywood stars as well. While some like Kareena, Karisma and Govinda are popularly known their nicknames, Bebo, Lolo and Chichi respectively, some turn red when called by their pet names in public. [READ: 20 Super-Cute Pictures Of Bollywood Celebs With Their Pets That Would Make You Go Aww] Let us scroll through some Bollywood celebrities having unique and catchy pet names.

#1. Aishwarya Rai


The Bachchan bahu, and former Miss World, has many accolades in her bouquet. While a Netherlands tulip is named after her, Bollywood prefers calling her Ash, shortening her name. But, her actual nickname is Gullu. Although it sounds so funny, it is true!

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#2. Kangana Ranaut

kangana ranaut nickname

The Queen of Bollywood is known for her powerful performances and flawless beauty. While she has a beautiful name, Kangana, which means bangle in Hindi, an ornament for women; her nickname is that of a guy. Her family calls her Arshad, which means devotion.

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#3. Ranbir Kapoor

ranbir kapoor nickname

While often called Dabbu by everybody in the family, the Bollywood heartthrob has a special name given by his mother. Neetu Singh loves to call her dearest son, Raymond, because she believes he is her complete man. Quite an interesting and lovely nickname!

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#4. Priyanka Chopra

priyanka chopra nickname

The former Miss World is called Piggy Chops by a lot of her friends in the industry. The name was given to her by Abhishek Bachchan. However, back at home, she is lovingly called Mithoo owing to her habit of mimicking people while she was a kid. However, many in her family also call her Mimi, inspired after the famous French diva, Mimi Rogers.

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#5. Shraddha Kapoor


This new face of Bollywood gained a lot of fame for her dance moves in ACBD 2. The moves and chemistry in the movie probably came with such ease due to Varun Dhawan being her co-star, who is also her childhood friend. While romancing in the movie, Sharaddha might have been given several nicknames, but her real life childhood friend, Varun named her Chirkoot. Reasons best known to them!

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#6. Sonam Kapoor


The trendsetter and fashionista of Bollywood is known for her amazing dressing sense and great taste. While she admitted to working hard to reduce from 96 kgs to become the present svelte diva, she also revealed her father loves to call her Giraffe because of the her height.

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#7. Karan Johar


One of the dream directors of Bollywood is quite a ladla at home. While in the industry he is lovingly known as KJo, he confessed to being called Kattu Battu in a reality show. Sssshhhh, it is an open secret!

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#8. Bipasha Basu


Our Bollywood sizzler, Bipasha Basu, is popularly known as Bips in the film fraternity. However, her family and close friends love to call her ‘Bonnie’. Reason, when she was born, sexy Bips was all healthy and bonny.

#9. Alia Bhatt


The rising star of Bollywood, who has given some amazing performances, has grown to become everybody’s favourite. While her name Alia is already short enough, her family still prefers calling her Aloo. Surprisingly, Aloo did not come from Alia, but from her chubby cheeks that she had as a teenager.

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#10. Shilpa Shetty


Although she has a decent pet name, Manya, her mother prefers calling her Babucha or Honeybunch, out of love and affection. How cute!

#11. Parineeti Chopra


Unlike her elder sister, Parineeti is safe from owning an embarrassing name as of yet. Though, occasionally she is referred as Pari by many of her peers, her real nick name Tisha. Quite elegant!

#12. Shahid Kapoor


With his debut in the music video by Aryans, Aankhon mein tera hi chehra, Shahid turned out to be a chocolate hero. With roles like Aditya Kashyap in Jab We Met, he made many girls go gaga over his chocolaty look. When it comes to his nickname, it is a striking contrast. While he declines owing a nickname, his mother calls him Sasha.

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#13. Konkona Sen Sharma


The Bengali beauty is known for her offbeat roles and powerful performances. Sounding quite similar to her good name, her pet name is Koko.

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#14. Varun Dhawan


Complete opposite to his personality and aura, Varun Dhawan’s pet name is Pappu. With his performance in ABDC 2, he surely has proved, this Pappu can dance sala!

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#15. Celina Jaitley


Celina has wooed many with her alluring performances. This bold beautiful sex siren of the Bollywood industry surprisingly has her pet name as Chinki. Really, pet names have no logic.

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#16. Sushmita Sen


The former Miss Universe who made India proud by winning the prestigious crown, is called Sush by her peers and the Hindi film fraternity. However, she already had a nickname before she stepped into the industry. And, it is Titu.

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#17. R. Madhvan


The Sharmaji of Tanu weds Manu and its sequel, is popularly known as Maddy. Notably, it was also the name of his character he played in Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein (RHTDM).

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#18. Hrithik Roshan


While his pet name, Duggu, is known to everybody in the industry as well as his fans, few would notice the connection with his dad’s pet name. His Dad, Rakesh Roshan has the pet name Guddu, reverse of Duggu.

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So, do you have the cute and funny nicknames of some more Bollywood celebrities to share with us? Then shout them out in the comments section below!