Here Is Our Take On Coldplay’s Beyonce-Starrer New Music Video That Features Sonam Kapoor

January 30, 2016 — by Debiparna


Coldplay is one of those bands that people can proudly claim to love, in public! They have come to India many times and drove their fans nuts. And, Beyonce does not even need an introduction. Her fans lovingly call her Bey, drop one criticism about her, and they will slay.

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Coldplay New Music Video Featuring India Beoynce and Sonam Kapoor

So, when Coldplay and Beyonce released their collaborative music video online, Hymn For The Weekend featuring our resident style queen, Sonam Kapoor, expectedly the collective Indian Internet diaspora went crazy.


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Take a look at the video here:

The video is so vibrant, yet so limiting in so many ways. As the Twitterati pointed out, it looked like the kids from Slumdog Millionaire went berserk throwing colours at each other.


While some others loved everything about this video- from Chris Martin, and dear Bey, to the ghats of Benaras, pole-balancing sadhus, and the two whole seconds of Sonam Kapoor too!

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Coldplay's new song featuring India, Beyonce and Sonam Kapoor


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Bey is all good and fine, but we think Sonam would have killed more hearts in those gorgeous getups that Beyonce got to flaunt.

Coldplay New Music Video featuring India Beyonce and Sonam Kapoor

Some people have pointed out that there is a good deal of cultural appropriation going on in this video, while some others have stated it is a case of good old Orientalism. These arguments have proper merit too. A gora guy walks in and shows the imagery of poor kids playing Holi and dancing on the streets yet again for a zillionth time to the whole world as ‘this is India’, and Beyonce pretends to be a Bollywood queen when an actual Bollywood star gets two seconds of footage, people will point it out.

Coldplay's new song featuring India, Beyonce and Sonam Kapoor

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But, how can you blame them when our own side is only too eager to sell themselves as ‘exotic’ birds to the west? Our Indian celebs are bargaining with the only socially relevant currency in their Western market to make themselves visible after all.

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Well, do let us know what you thought of the song and the video in the comments section below.