This Girl Tells You What Gift Every Sister Wants From Her Brother This Rakhi And Boy She Has Nailed It!

August 28, 2015 — by Team PeppyStory

Raksha Bandhan is one of those Indian festivals that every girl who has a brother, waits for all year long. With the rakhi that a sister ties on her brother’s wrist, comes a promise from him to protect her in every stage and situation of life. And, how can we forget the sweet gifts that every guy showers on his sister on this beautiful festival, right? Well, this video is a reflection of just that, but with a superb twist and a meaningful message.

Here is a sister who makes a video recording for her brother in which she reminds him about the fast-approaching festival. And, also about how she has loved, valued and treasured all the gifts that he has given her till now on each rakhi. But this time, she wants him to give her something else; something different, and something really priceless yet so valuable. In fact, it is something that every sister wants from her brother, or let us say, every brother must gift to his sister.

Wondering what it could be? Well, then watch this video and find out yourself:

What this girl wants from her brother on this rakhi is a promise, a promise to stop using abusive words that start with the word behen (sister). For her, this will be the biggest gift that she would ever receive from her brother.

Well, through this very simple request, she has aptly raised the question for all the brothers about what is the need to protect or care for a sister if they can easily use her to abuse someone!

Raksha BadhanRaksha BadhanRaksha Badhan

This video is an eye-opener for everyone who uses such a beautiful relationship to abuse someone. It is a humble request to the boys to stop using the word ‘sister’ as an abuse, and an example for everyone that change begins from home. And, if one person stops, other will follow as well! So boys, are you listening what your sisters want from you this Raksha Bandhan?

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