12 Awesome And Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Christmas

December 23, 2015 — by Team PeppyStory


Whenever we talk about Christmas, the thought of exchanging gifts definitely crosses our mind. We want to give our loved ones the best of the best. Along with the best gifts, decorating the gift matters as well. Presentation is very important in all the things that we do.

Here are some ideas about how you can wrap gifts for Christmas.

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#1. The eye-catching bow


Start off your Christmas gift wrapping technique by making some unique yet simple bows. Even if you have a plain and boring cover that wraps up your gift, these bows will give it a merry look. You can use plastic strips, cloth, threads or anything for this. You can also put some ornaments together with the bow.

#2. Name tags


Make the recipient of your gift feel extra special. Use their name tags while wrapping up the gift. You can put together some letter beads in a string, or cut out newspaper letters to paste on the box. You can even print the name of the person on the wrapping paper to make the gift wrap exclusive.

#3. Black Magic


It is a very simple, but a great technique to wrap a gift, especially if you are short of wrapping paper. Just take a black paper sheet, maybe from a scrapbook or an old chart paper. Cover your gift with that and put a bow or some ribbons on it. Finally, using a silver or a white marker, write some wishes, blessings or message on it. It looks really mystical.

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#4. Photograph Gift tags


Along with the name tags, it is another interesting way to decorate your gift. You can use the pictures of the people, who are getting the gifts, as tags or you can take your family photograph and write a message underneath it. This way, you can give the gift on the behalf of the whole family.

#5. Your own gift wrap


You can use various techniques and make your own gift wrap. Use the back of a pencil and dip it in different colours to make polka dots or floral patterns. You can even paste things like buttons and tree leaves to make a 3D paper. Stick some confetti on the paper to make it a Christmas gift wrap. Using stamp rollers is another great idea.

#6. Pillow box


Sometimes the gifts we buy, usually the small ones, do not come in solid boxes which make it difficult for us to pack them. Using a cardboard roll, you can make some small boxes. Use some Christmas ornaments to decorate the cardboard gift box.

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#7. 3-D cut outs


Use a plain craft paper and make some cut outs in the paper to give it a 3-D look. You can use different layers of paper to make it look colourful and more attractive.

#8. Fabric gift wrap


When in a hurry, use a fabric gift wrap. Take out your spare sweaters or any other clothing item that you do not use anymore. Cut it out with two long arms. Wrap your gift in it and use the arms to make a bow. No tape, no folding and the gift wrappings are done.

#9. Duct Tape


Tying a ribbon is not everyone’s cup of coffee. So, a simple hack can save you from creating any mess. Use duct tape in different designs to give your gift an illusion of a ribbon. It is very simple, and saves a lot of time.

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#10. Paper bag gift packing


When the gifts you have got are in odd shapes, buy a paper bag to wrap the gift. Decorate the paper bag and put your gift in it. Not only is this easy, but effortless and pretty as well.

#11. Paper folding


Combine some origami with Christmas and you can create the perfect Christmas gift decoration. Cover your gift in a plain gift wrap. Make Christmas trees or bells or animals by paper folding. Put it on the top of your present and it is done.

#12. Bring in the winters


We use wool and cotton to keep ourselves warm during winters. Use these materials to prepare warm Christmas present decorations as well. Make a cotton snowman or woollen bows. You can even wrap your entire present in a woollen yarn, and make the gift warm as well.

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Gift wrapping Christmas presents is always fun. Try to do it with your family and incorporate all the ideas that we have shared with you. Merry Christmas!