This Cafe In Agra That Hires Only Acid Attack Victims Will Reinstate Your Faith In Humanity

September 7, 2015 — by Team PeppyStory

sheroes cafe, agra

Acid attacks are undoubtedly one of the most soul-shaking crimes on the planet. Unfortunately, it is not only the ones committing this ruthless crime, who are to be considered guilty. The judicial system in our country is to be blamed equally as it indirectly encourages the attackers as they are seldom punished. And, even if they are punished for this horrendous act, it takes years to happen. Needless to say, the penalty that the attackers have to face is nothing compared to what the victims suffer.

sheroes cafe, agra

And adding to the victim’s pain, is the society that looks down upon them and never lets them forget about the painful incident of their life. What’s more? Getting a job to regain their lost confidence as well as self-respect becomes another big challenge of their lives, which seems almost next to impossible.

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But fortunately, there are still some places in the world that give these acid attack victims a ray of hope. And, one such place is the Sheroes Hangout in Agra, which hires only acid attack survivors!

sheroes cafe, agra

Located opposite the spectacular Taj Mahal, this café not only gives the acid attack victims a lot of strength, but it also helps them regain their lost confidence. Truly, this initiative represents the concept of women empowerment in the most appropriate way! And, another amazing fact about this café is that there are no fixed prices for anything over here. The customers are free to pay whatever they feel is appropriate.

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sheroes cafe, agrasheroes cafe, agrasheroes cafe, agra

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Well, these acid victims’ faces or bodies have been marked because of a brutal and inhumane act, for which, they are not at all to be held responsible. And, as mature adults of the society, it is our job to promote the endeavours like Sheroes Hangout, and show our support to all the acid attack victims.

Images Courtesy: Sheroes Hangout (Facebook Page)