9 Awesome Reasons Why Travelling Alone Is A Great Idea

August 20, 2015 — by Team PeppyStory

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Travelling is one of the most therapeutic experiences in life. It can cause a person to change track in life completely and be in control of his/her whole being. It teaches you about the different kinds of people and the kinds of lives that they live. Some of it astonishes, and yet all of it manages to teach something new every single time. They say life is the best teacher of all. Well then, travelling would be the second best teacher of all. There are different aspects to travel and most of us do not pay enough attention to all of it. Mostly we prefer travelling with our friends and family. But, there is a different kind of joy and thrill in travelling alone. This list is a compilation of reasons to travel solo and enjoying the ride like never before.

#1. Less talking

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One of the main reasons that people hate to travel alone is because they are afraid of being lonely. They need someone to talk to, and that becomes their undoing because when you travel solo, you inadvertently end up spending considerable time alone for long periods. Rather than getting bothered by this, you could utilise it for some much needed introspection, which can only happen when one is silent. This also means that you will slowly but steadily start to think before you talk, and talk very carefully. You will learn to respect the words that you speak. This in turn, will have others respect your words too. This will also turn you into a good listener. And, you never know which stories will impact you for life!

#2. You become independent

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When you have no one by your side and you need to travel, you automatically become a self-sufficient traveller who can solve most problems he/she encounters along the path. You learn to know your strengths and weaknesses a lot more openly than you would have with a companion. You will spend time thinking about the important things in life. You learn how to do things for yourself, and also learn about how to interact and behave with strangers. This teaches you not only about respecting others, but also yourself. Travelling alone liberates you in many ways.

#3. Know thyself

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The main purpose of travelling alone is to know who you really are. It is a ritual that we must engage in quite often, but push it to the back of our heads, always for some later time. This keeps happening almost all the time, and is unavoidable with the pressures of modern life. However, when you get the chance to travel, you should do it alone and sort yourself out along the way. You might surprise yourself with a certain shade of your own personality that you never knew existed before. Meeting new people from new places is always a great source of knowledge and enlightenment. Travelling alone teaches you things in ways, which you never thought could be possible. Be prepared to be amazed at your own self!

#4. Make new friends


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This is one of the best and most fun reasons on the list. What is life without a few friends and enemies, right? Travelling is a potential opportunity to indulge in all these aspects of life. Travelling alone especially, lets you make friends without any proverbial baggage and this could be a very freeing process. You will have new people to talk to and share a few precious moments of life with. They will give you a very true and real opinion about yourself because you are new to them and they have nothing to gain by giving you their false opinions.

#5. Your confidence will surge

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Accomplishing anything gives us a great feeling, which we all constantly seek but seldom find. This sense of accomplishment is doubled when the completed task is done alone and with perseverance. Travelling alone gives you a very varied set of experiences that we deal with on our own, and this boosts our confidence through the roof! You will be better equipped to deal with the harsh realities of life after travelling alone.

#6. Take your own sweet time and decisions

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Since you travel alone, you get to make all the important decisions yourself. You can go wherever you want without giving a damn about anyone and what they might be thinking. Because of this, a lot of time is saved and the journey can be quite fruitful and rewarding.

#7. No drama

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This is the best reason to travel solo. When you are alone, there is no drama. This helps in keeping things real and manageable. You could climb a mountain or dive into the sea from cliffs. You could spend the time socialising with new people you meet on the way, and yet avoid drama at all costs. There is simply no one else making demands, or relying on you.

#8. You have your very own memories


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You will be able to have some cherished memories, involving perhaps no one but you. This is very important in terms of boosting confidence and building self-esteem. You will make memories that you will look back to and smile. And, the memory would just be about you and the beautiful nature surrounding you. Getting to know yourself is the best thing that could happen to anyone. You will also be able to create new memories with complete strangers. This has its own charm, since interacting with strangers at a brand new place is a whole experience unto itself.

#9. Have a new perspective on everything

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This is the ultimate effect that travelling can have on you. It has the power to change a person’s perception within the flick of a wrist. Especially when you are travelling alone, your thoughts are all that keeps you company, and most of the times you can easily pick out the faulty ones and discard them forever. Newer perceptions are essential to human growth and development. You cannot grow as a person if your perception remains the same with little or no room for improvement.

Now, if these reasons are not enough to make you want to pack your bags and travel, we do not know what will. So go on an adventure, and do not forget to share the stories with us!

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