8 Awesome Ways To Include Your Pets In Your Holi Celebrations

March 19, 2016 — by Team PeppyStory


They give you unconditional love without expecting anything in return, they are always happy to see you when you come back from work, they never bug you with boring conversations, but always lend you their ears when you need to vent out your feelings. Wondering who these special people are? Without a doubt, they are our loyal, faithful, and loving pets. Your pet maybe a part of your life, but for your pet, you are their entire universe.

So because Holi is just around corner, we get you ways you can make your darling pets a part of your fun-filled Holi celebrations in a safe way.

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#1. Have all your friends bring their pets along

Image Courtesy: GQ

Why invite just your friends? Ask them to bring their pets along to your place too. And if you are a true pet lover, you will surely have a room in your house for as many pets as possible. Let it be a get-together for the wagging tails as well!

#2. Set up a pet pool


You can get a nice and thick ‘blow it at home’ pool that is very inexpensive and durable and inflate it in your backyard. Fill it up with water and small bath toys like balls, squeaky toys, and floaters. Let all the pets jump in and have some fun splashing time, while you enjoy your own pichkaris.

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#3. Have plenty of frisbees and balls


Gif via Gifrific

Pets love toys of all kind. You and your friends can take turns to make the pets play. Playing will also make them tired, which will make them go eat and sleep for the rest of the day!

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#4. Get clicked with them


Pets love their owners’ company. And with the selfie fever doing the rounds, we are sure all pets are now trained to pose in front of the camera. Get pictures clicked with them, click pictures of the pets playing together and upload them on your social networking sites. We assure you that your notification beeper will not take rest for the next few days once you do so!

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#5. Make them treats


While the pets are having fun in the pool, keep treating them with some special Holi snack. It sure sounds “yummy in the tummy,” doesn’t it?

#6. Bring eco-friendly organic colours



Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Not only is it good for your skin, but it is safe for the animals too. They will obviously tend to get some colour onto themselves while you are playing Holi so why not be safe than sorry, right? But, try and keep them away from the section where people will be playing with colours to avoid them getting it on their fur.

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#7. Dress them for the occasion



Image Courtesy: Caters News Agency

There is no specific Holi dress up for animals, so just make them wear some bandanas, a flower necklace or beads around their necks. Dress them up in a beach mood and let them be the stars of the festive occasion.

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#8. Keep pet friendly Holi party giveaway hampers

And when your guests are leaving, do the kindest and most thoughtful gesture ever! Get small hampers with pet snacks and small pet toys and give away these hampers to all the pet owners. Let the adorable babies have fun at the Holi party and after it too.

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Now how cool are all of these ideas! So give them all the love, care, attention and make them a part of all special occasions of your life.