7 Invaluable Things That Our Dear Professor Snape Taught Us About Life

January 15, 2016 — by Debiparna

On the evening of January 14, 2016, the news of the death of British actor, legend, Alan Rickman broke on the Internet. It shocked the legions of fans of the Harry Potter universe, and it saddened a lot of hearts. Now, whenever someone asks a Potterhead a silly question, to which they can only respond with an, “Obviously,” just like dear Professor Snape used to say, the glee will be a little dimmer; it will be intermingled with the sorrow of loss. (READ: 10 Things You Will Regret Not Doing When You Turn Older)

He was a gifted actor both on-stage and on-screen, and won a BAFTA, an Emmy, SAG and the Golden Globe for his performances, not that awards could measure his acting prowess ever. However keeping up with the spirit of PeppyStory, we would like to remember one of Alan Rickman’s most beloved characters, Professor Severus Snape for all the good things he taught us.

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#1. Dear Professor Snape, thank you for teaching us all that is to know about life. Thank you for letting us know early on in our childhood, that life can be unfair.

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#2. Dear Professor Snape, thank you for teaching us that people are not simply black and white. They have both good and bad in them.

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#3. Dear Professor Snape, thank you for showing us that no matter how misguided, a person can change if he truly wants to.

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#4. Dear Professor Snape, thank you for teaching us about trust and loyalty like no other.

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#5. Dear Professor Snape, thank you for teaching us that some things are worth sacrificing your life for. Thank you for dedicating your whole life to uproot an evil from society, even if it meant you had to die for it at the end.

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#6. Dear Professor Snape, thank you for showing us that all your sacrifices, all your love will never go to waste. The world will be a better place some day, even though no one would know about your struggle while you were alive .

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#7. Dear Professor Snape, thank you for teaching us what true love really meant. It was never about selfishly wanting another one to love you back.

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Alan Rickman played the role of Professor Snape with utmost sincerity- from being the most hated character to becoming one of the most beloved characters in literature. He embodied the character J.K. Rowling created so completely, that he will always remain our beloved Professor Snape to us. Even though he taught us so much more, we stuck to the magical number seven, which you will find scattered throughout the Potter universe. Alan Rickman will always remain in our hearts.

R.I.P dear Professor Snape.

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