6 Unbelievable Controversies Surrounding Hrithik Roshan That Shocked Everyone

January 8, 2016 — by Team PeppyStory


Hrithik Roshan, the superhero of Bollywood keeps his nose clean of the controversies. But when they do surround him, he very well knows how to handle them. Well, they are a part of every star’s life. Right?

He has been involved in some enormous controversies in his career so far. Take a look at all of these with us!

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#1. Barbara Mori and Hrithik Roshan’s link-up that left Sussanne upset


While shooting for Kites, Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori got really close to each other. And this was something that his dad, Rakesh Roshan did not accept. Misunderstandings were aired furthermore, when these two were even seen publicly, showing physical compatibility. When Sussanne got to know about this link-up, she packed her bags and left the Roshan house. Kites might have failed at the box office, but controversies that started with it, attracted much attention. This is also famously called to be the reason behind Hrithik and Sussanne’s separation.

#2. Parting ways with Sussanne


Hrithik’s divorce with Sussanne came as a big surprise to everyone, as their world once seemed a perfect place. 11 years of togetherness had never before seen any problems, and they never made news for bad reasons. This sudden stepping out of the relation for both of them was blamed on Hrithik & Barbara’s closeness, Sussanne & Arjun Rampal’s proximity, and finally Hrithik’s mom, Pinky Roshan’s less than acceptable interference in their lives. None of the reasons was clearly declared by either of the two, but these are hidden stories behind their divorce.

#3. Hrithik and Salman’s ruffled up relation


When Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan starrer Guzaarish floundered at the box office, Salman Khan publicly denounced it.

Salman said:

“Koi kutta bhi nai gaya hoga” (not even a dog would have watched this film)

This is something that one would have said about Yuvvraaj as both the movies released at the same time, and Salman’s movie failed at the box office. This further ruffled up things between Hrithik and Salman. Their relation is embittered ever since.

Hrithik answered by saying:

“It’s not heroic to laugh or make fun of a filmmaker just because his BO collections are not up there with yours. Guzaarish is a super success in its own way”.

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#4. He pulled away from Kareena Kapoor Khan


The duo did a lot of movies together, like Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon, and Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham... But with the growing intimacy between them, Roshan family forbid Hrithik from working with this particular co-star ever again. This was proving to be a disturbing factor for the Roshan clan. And, Hrithik promised Sussanne that he will never work with Kareena again. There he severed a professional relation turning private, for his personal life’s good health.

#5. Bachchan family’s rage against Hrithik


The lip lock scene between Hrithik and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in Dhoom:2 created a lot of havoc, as she was soon going to tie the knot with Abhishek Bachchan. The Bachchan family did not like this at all. And things worsen to such an extent that the director had to chop out that particular scene from all the rest of the copies of this movie. Hrithik had to face the Bachchan family’s anger.

#6. Arjun Rampal was made the reason behind the separation


Even though Hrithik went on record denouncing this reason, Arjun Rampal was dragged into the controversy. Arjun was blamed for Hrithik and Sussanne’s divorce. And, this gave a new angle to the controversy. It seemed like the controversy was expanding its contours, and Arjun Rampal was pulled in it.

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Hrithik Roshan’s controversies were big like his name in Bollywood and shocked everyone including his fans!