6 Things That Prove You Are An Absolutely Lazy Person At Heart

February 26, 2016 — by Team PeppyStory

6 Things That Prove You Are Absolutely Lazy

Our life has changed quite a lot over the years. With new technologies coming up, doing our daily activities has become easier for us. This is somewhere making us lazy, though the changes are for our good only. However, there are certain things that you treasure that prove you are absolutely lazy. Keep reading to find out what those things actually are.

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#1. Different apps on your phone

6 Things That Prove You Are Absolutely Lazy different apps on phone

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There will be a long list of different apps you have on your smartphones, that somehow or the other help you get your work done in an easier way. Be it apps to remember stuff for you, or a personal assistant which will do the stuff for you, everything is on your fingertips literally! The entries in our calendar remind us of what we are supposed to do and where we are supposed to go. What more? One of the apps helps turn your phone into a TV remote or laptop mouse.

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#2. Why go out for shopping

6 Things That Prove You Are Absolutely Lazy

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Window shopping turns out to be surfing on different sites. Be it clothes, electronics, sports accessories or groceries, the different sites have all the options available for you, with discounts! And, once you place your order, it gets delivered at your place within a few days.

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#3. Entire season of TV shows in one go

6 Things That Prove You Are Absolutely Lazy

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Yes, of course! Different TV shows make you sit in front of the laptop or television for hours and watch the entire season with some pizza/burger and beers/drinks. Some download the entire season on their laptops, while some watch the episodes live on their mobile phones. But  once involved, you tend to binge watch the show till it ends doing, nothing else.

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#4. Recliners are your best friends

6 Things That Prove You Are Absolutely Lazy

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A recliner is one of the best places to rest. And if it comes with a chiller to keep your beer/drink and plays your favourite songs for you, then it becomes the best chilling place you have in the world. You would never wish to get up from your recliner, ever!

#5. Instant food delivery

6 Things That Prove You Are Absolutely Lazy

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Nothing is as much a delight to your ears than anyone saying it, and when you have an app for the same, it is pure heaven. All you have to do is, place the order from the nearby restaurant, which is shown in the app, and pay the bill, the food comes to your place instantly.

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#6. Pay/transfer it online

6 Things That Prove You Are Absolutely Lazy

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With different app wallets and online payment options coming up, we have forgotten to walk down to the bank to transfer money or to pay for something we buy. Just one click on the wallet and the money is either transferred or the payment is made.

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It is good to ease up on certain daily activities, but there are some things which make us lazy. If you also have these things near you, then they surely prove you have become absolutely lazy and regret getting up and do the daily activities. So, what are you going to do about it?