5 Things An Anti-Valentine’s Day Couple Can Do To Celebrate Each Other On V-Day

February 12, 2016 — by Debiparna

Yes, we know love is all round, and the saccharine sweetness of it all has probably driven you to harbour anti-Valentine’s Day sentiments by now. But, if you enjoy celebrating your love on every other day, and just want to spend a great day with your beloved on the weekend, then we have a few ideas for you. You can enjoy being with each other, and make memories of a lifetime, and not give in to the commercial aspect of this day. Here are some crazy, fun, and non-mushy yet romantic things you can do to celebrate each other, if you always dreaded Valentine’s day!

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#1. Go to an amusement park

seth and summer

Remember, how you used to go on every ride when you went to the amusement park as kids? Revisit your childhood and get crazy with your partner. Share laughs and nervous giggles as you feel scared out of your mind when you go on the roller coaster you swore never to ride again. Be silly while riding a slow and safe ride that is probably meant for the five-year-olds.

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#2. Explore the heritage sites of your city


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Forget about visiting the romantic spots of the city that will be anyway overflowing with the lovey-dovey couples. Let them celebrate the day the way they want, while you go exploring the heritage sites of your city. You won’t even need to spend a lot of bucks of entertaining yourselves. And anyway, the best way to explore more about your partner is by travelling and seeing new places with them. Nothing reveals the true self like spending time in the great outdoors do!

#3. Read a book to your beloved

notting hill

Books have a kind of romance that has survived centuries. And, nothing can be as seductive for the mind as reading. Pick up your favourite book from the shelf and cuddle up with your love. Lovingly run your fingers through their hair, lie on their chest or lap, and listen to their heartbeat while the words of the pages drift into their ears.

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#4. Binge watch each other’s favourite show

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However, contradicting with the second point, we would suggest you stay indoors, if neither of you are the outdoorsy type, or are not physically together. Tuck yourselves under a warm blanket, cosy up to each other and watch that show that you have been asking your partner to watch for forever! Be it the award winning and critically acclaimed show, Transparent, or timeless comedy shows like Seinfeld, Friends or indie favourites like the ever-hilarious Community or the spooky Supernatural. Choose shows that are not so romantic, but are fun instead.

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#5. Gorge on your favourite street food

rab ne banadi jodi

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All the restaurants in town will be booked, and more importantly they will be decked up with red balloons and confetti and whatnot! So to avoid the circus, go around the city exploring new and old street food joints and eat your hearts out. You will not only save a fortune, but also contribute something to these independent, hardworking street food sellers. Let the others spend 500 bucks on red and pink cupcakes that cost one-fifth of their inflated prices anyway.

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You may be completely anti-Valentine’s Day, but if you are in a relationship, then you are not anti-love. If you do not want to give in to the commercial trappings of the day, then simply spend another day of love with your partner just celebrating each other. Because, as we all know, for some the warmth of morning kisses and late night hugs matter more than exchanging gifts or spending money on luxurious meals.