23 Things Only A True And Die-Hard Bigg Boss Fan Will Understand

January 15, 2016 — by Team PeppyStory

things only a bigg boss fan will understand bigg boss season 9 salman khan aman verma kishwar merchant vikas bhalla mandana

“You want to know how, then watch Bigg Boss 9 (naaau)”. Did you just get really excited after reading this? Do you wait all year long for this voice and this series to start? Do your days brighten up when the new season begins? Then you are just the kind of person for whom this article is written. It is entertaining, it is controversial and it is hugely popular- It is Bigg Boss!

Unlike other reality series, this show has something so gripping that you just cannot stay without watching it. And, even though the telecast time has now become late, you make sure to catch it even if that means that you have to lose on your precious sleep. So without further ado, here are 23 sure shot things you will read and be like, ‘this is so me’, if Bigg Boss is your favourite show too!

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#1. When Bigg Boss starts- you are sorted for three months

bigg boss fan gauhar khan

You do not really need any other mode of entertainment. With the live telecast and all the repeats, you are sorted!

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#2. Your disappointment when the contestant list you read before the show was untrue

bigg boss fan aashka goradia

Especially, when your favourite TV star or couple was to be on the show according to some source. But on the opening night, you do not see Salman Khan welcoming them.

#3. You keep posting Facebook updates about what is going on in the show

bigg boss fan facebook updates shweta towari dolly bindra

Your joy, your anger, your doubts and all the other emotions you have while watching your favourite contestants can be seen in your half hourly Facebook updates! Also, you share most posts related to scoops on Big Boss on your FB wall.

#4. You are sad for a week when your favourite contestant is voted out

bigg boss fan voted out juhi parmar laxmi

How will the house be the same without him/her? What is left in the show to watch? Why God?? Why him/her?

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#5. If it is not hosted by Salman, it is not the same

bigg boss fan salman khan

Gif via Tumblr

You can love him or you can hate him, but you certainly cannot ignore him. You rock Salman Khan!

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#6. No other serial can play on the TV when it is Bigg Boss time

bigg boss fan pritam pyare rj

Unless someone wants to get into a rather painful fight with you, no one dare touch the remote!

#7. When people say the show is ‘fixed’ all you want to do is shout at them

bigg boss fan juhi parmar

Why can’t they just keep their baseless comments to themselves? And if all, this is the only show that is NOT and NEVER fixed. Period!

#8. You no longer go for night shows to the theatre

bigg boss fan salman khan colors television show

Or for parties that start before 11:30 pm. You cannot miss the live telecast at any cost.

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#9. When Salman is rude to your favourite contestant, you hate him for the entire week

bigg biss fan kushal tandon salman khan fight hate

‘That’s not fair! How can he say that? He’s not a good host, he is so biased!’. This is all you can think of at that moment!

#10. But you fall back in love with him the next weekend

bigg boss fan salman khan

How can you not? Isn’t he just the best!

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#11. And when he bajaos the person you hate, your love and respect for bhai goes way beyond what it already is

bigg boss fan bajaos armaan kohli tanisha mukherjee salman khan

Atta boy! Now, that is how you get these silly fellows back on track! Three cheers for the fantastic host of Bigg Boss!

#12. If you are married and your spouse loves the show too, you have so much more to talk about

bigg boss fan apoorva agnihotri shilpa saklani

And suddenly, you two seem to have come closer because when there is nothing to talk about, there is always Bigg Boss to discuss.

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#13. The tasks feel like matters of national importance to you

bigg boss fan tasks

Come on, can you really be blamed? They are so freaking interesting!

#14. If the electricity cuts happen during the show, you want to blow up the entire electricity department

bigg boss fan no electricity

And if you had the authority, you would suspend all those present at the electricity board for letting that happen!

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#15. You do not have much to talk to people who do not like Bigg Boss when the season is on air

bigg boss fan no talking to other people pooja mishra sky akaashdeep saigal

Because they do not know anything that is going on in the most interesting and important place on the planet- the Bigg Boss house! How boring are they!

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#16. If there are no fights and controversies, it is so boring!

bigg boss fan sapna bhavnani armaa kohli andy sana khan

Is that what makes the episodes worth 24 hours’ wait? And, you are lucky if you get an Armaan Kohli or Dolly Bindra type in every season to add on some fireworks to the show!

bigg boss fan dolly bindra armaan kohli

#17. You wish that someday Bigg Boss will keep a spot for a common man in the show

bigg boss fan kashif ragini shetty

And secretly wish for that participant to be you! Don’t you worry my friend, dream on as only then will they come true. You never know when the show might revive this theme again, which it did try for first three seasons.

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#18. You wait for the firangi wild card entry to come soon

sunny leone pamela anderson bigg boss firangi wild card entry

Also, you want it to be some really hot looking famous celebrity who sets the heat-o-meter rising up in the house!


#19. You always wish for your favourite contestants to hook up

bigg boss fan gauhar kushal armaan tanisha diandra gautam upen karishma

Remember Gauahar and Kushal, Gautam and Diandra, and so many more? Love is lovely, but becomes even more beautiful in the Bigg Boss house, right?

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#20. Before a possible lovemaking scene, how you wish your parents would leave the room

bigg boss fan veena malik  ashmit patel upen patel karishma tanna

Uh-huh, you know what we mean, right?

#21. When your favourite wins, you get a happiness attack

bigg boss fan gauhar winner salman khan tanisha mukherjee

At that moment you realise why they say God’s fair. And, your life seems complete, you scream, you shout, you hug relentlessly, and you celebrate!

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#22. How you wish you could meet Bigg Boss for real

bigg boss fan voice atul kapoor

Bigg Boss Chahte Hai…’ if you could just meet the guy behind this amazing, seductive and powerful voice just once!

#23. When the finale ends, you do not know what to do with your life anymore

bogg boss fan final the end sapna bhavnani gauhar khan aashka goradia

Now what? Why do I feel so empty? Wait another year? Life is just so unfair!

There is some magic in Bigg Boss that steals our hearts away, and we are so grateful to the makers of the original show [Big Brother] to have started it in India too. We hope you could relate to these points and if you have more to add, feel free to share them in the comments section below!

things only a bigg boss will understand

Images Courtesy: Bigg Boss

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