17 Places In India With Tragically Funny Names

December 11, 2015 — by Team PeppyStory


‘What is there in a name’ goes the saying, but in a vast country like India, a name is very important. There are places in India that do not even have an address. And, there are some places that have such uniquely funny names that you would do a double take and roll out laughing. Few of these places even attract visitors owing to the uniqueness in their name. We have for you a list of some such Indian towns with rib-ticklingly hilarious names.

Read on to have your share of laughter therapy.

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#1. Poo, Himachal Pradesh


Poo is very small town in the tribal district of Kinnaur, in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The town is spread across a radius of 7 km, and has 1192 people living there. This small town is popular for its scenic beauty, almonds, apricot orchards and vineyards. You will be surprised to know Poo, also alternately written Pooh or Puh, has been in the trading market since 11th century. It has a very ancient temple of Lord Buddha, and the population here is dominantly Buddhist.

#2. Kala Bakra, Punjab


Finally, a town for all the black sheep! Kala Bakra village falls on the Jalandhar-Pathankot highway in the Punjab state. It has an area of 454 hectares and a population of 2456 according to the census of 1991. Rai Jujhar, a popular Punjabi singer hails from this place. Kala Bakra is in Jalandhar district under Bhogpur development block.

#3. Bettiah, Bihar


Bettiah, if translated to English will mean ‘girl child’. It is a city and the administrative headquarters of West Champaran district, in the state of Bihar, and is very near to India-Nepal border. It has many scenic places and religious hubs like the Durga Bagh Temple, Piuni Bagh Temple, and Jangi Masjid, which attracts a good number of visitors every year. Bettiah has a number of brass, sugar and food processing industries. The main business hub in this small town is Lal Bazaar with majority of business controlled by Marwaris.

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#4. Daru, Jharkhand


The Hindi word Daru translates to ‘liquor’ in English. People who love to party, and have it on their mind would by now be thinking to pay this nondescript town a visit. However, let us tell you there is nothing of happening in Daru, and you will not find any unique luxury awaiting you. The town is in Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand state. Daru’s unique name does attract attention of a few visitors to this place.

#5. Chutia, Assam (also Ranchi)


You will feel very tickled by this name. Won’t you? OK, let’s all have a giggle. This word translates into a swear word in Hindi. Chutia is a small place in Assam, and it got its name from a Tibetian-Burmese race who were called Chutia. The Chutia as a group rose to power in Assam at a time when Kamarupa Kingdom was declining. The people of this race have Chutia as their title, and recently were up against Facebook when the giant social media blocked all the accounts that had Chutia as a nickname.

chutia, ranchi

There is a place called Chutia even in Ranchi.

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#6. Forbesganj, Bihar


FORBES has its own village, did you know? LOL, they do not, but there is a town called Forbesganj in Araria district of Bihar, and is located on the border of state. No prize for guessing that many people here are engaged in cross-border trading. Do not confuse this city with Fursatganj, an animated town where everyone has plenty of time, featured in a television series.

#7. Kutta, Karnataka


Indeed an amusing name, since Kutta translates to ‘dog’ in English. It is a small town in Coorg district of Karnataka. This town lies at the point where you enter to Nagarhole National Park for those visiting Kerala. The name of the city is enough to put a smile on anybody’s face. Everyone is welcome to this small town, indeed it gets a lot of people every year.

#8. Bhainsa, Telangana


Bhainsa lies in Telengana, right next to a water body. It has places called Pathri and Umarkhed surrounding it.

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#9. Gadha, Uttar Pradesh


Gadha is a very small town in Uttar Pradesh, but for sure its name will bring a smile on your face. Gadha translates to ‘donkey’ in English. So, basically a guy from this place will introduce him like, ‘Hey, myself Rohan, I am am from Gadha’. How funny!

#10. Lailunga, Chhattisgarh


“Keh ke lunga!!” No, we are not threatening you. Even though this name reminds us of the famous line from Gangs of Wasseypur, this is very much for real! Lailunga city is in the Lailunga district of Raigarh, Chhattisgarh. It lies at the border of Chhattisgarh and Odisha.

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#11. Suar, Uttar Pradesh


Suar is a city in Rampur district of Uttar Pradesh, it is also a municipal board. Suar translate to ‘Pig’ in English, people living here ironically live inside a pig. Stupid joke it was!

#12. Lulla Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra


Lulla is for sure a funny name, but what is life without a few laughs. But, this place in Pune actually exists.

#13. Panauti, Uttar Pradesh


If you are feeling unlucky, just think about people who live here. Panauti is in Karwi Tehsil, and is located in Chitrakoot district of Uttar Pradesh.

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#14. Landora, Haryana


Ahem! Nothing more to say about its name. Landora lies in the Karnal district and Rohtak division of Haryana. The battlefield of Panipat is very close to this small village.

#15. Gande, Jharkhand


Dare you confuse it with Ganda in Fatehpur district of Haryana. Gande lies in Giridh district of Jharkhand.

#16. Bhabua, Bihar


Bhabua is a small city and a municipality in the Kaimur district of Bihar. We are sure you had no idea this city with such an unusual name is going to be declared as World’s First Green City very soon. It is a place for shopping and major education provider for the surrounding 30 villages.

#17. Chutad Teka, Mathura


Yes, this place really exists! Seems like a swear word more, and name of a city less.

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Words have different meaning in different languages. But, these places will give anyone who knows Hindi a great laugh. And, we all need to laugh more, since laughter is the best medicine after all. If you know  of more such places, which deserve to be in this list, let us know in the comments section below.