17 Most Amazing Haunted Getaways For Couples Who Love Thrill In Their Romance

August 10, 2015 — by Team PeppyStory


India is a lovely yet an amazingly mysterious country. There are stories of treasures and secret tunnels, of fortresses and their royals, of people who died a sore death and a lot more. This is why many palaces, forts, beaches, valleys or even a creepy house in some locality in India has a past, or a mystery devoted to it that makes it an extra-fascinating place.

Do you and your partner prefer watching a horror movie over a romantic flick? Are you both avid watchers of paranormal shows? Instead of discussing all romantic stuff, do you guys narrate ghostly stories to each other? If yes, then it is nothing abnormal as there are many others who are fascinated by the word ‘supernatural’. India has many stories about paranormal sightings and has more number of haunted places than you can actually count. Pack your backs and visit these places but only at your own risk, you may have a lifetime experience or completely different story to narrate.

#1. Dumas Beach, Surat, Gujarat

dumas beach

Image Courtesy: Fear And You

Dumas Beach, the beach that whispers, is infamous for its paranormal sightings and unexplainable puzzling occurrences, like bizarre murmurs being overheard, people vanishing during the unearthly hours, etc. It is believed that a lot of people lost their lives while exploring this beautiful and mysterious beach. Many say that it was a cremation ground for Hindus, and the souls who were not freed from the circle of life are tied down to the beach.

Why not take a stroll along the beach with your partner post sunset to find out yourself?

#2. D’Souza Chawl, Mahim, Mumbai


Image Courtesy: Haunted India

D’Souza Chawl is the most haunted place in Mumbai. The hauntings here begin when a lady fell into the well and lost her life after many failed cries for help. Inhabitants of this chawl say that they have witnessed a lady loitering around the well and many have heard her yelps.

#3. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad


Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Ramoji Film City is the biggest film city in India. And, it has numerous hotels where guests constantly report about paranormal activities like food being scattered, lights falling off, knock on the door and strange marks on the mirror. Being the battleground of Nizams, many soldiers who died here still lurk around targeting females more than males. This place is a must-visit with your partner with an overnight stay at any of the haunted hotels.

#4. Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavla, Maharashtra


Image Courtesy: Whattefun

Lonavla is a very famous hill station in Maharashtra, and is quite famous for picnics and night outs. Raj Kiran Hotel is one of the many hotels in this quirky hill station, where people mostly do not prefer to stay owing to its haunted ground floor. Guests have experienced knockings at the door, bed sheets being pulled off and many strange happenings. An overnight stay here with your partner will surely tend to your thirst of experiencing the supernatural forces.

#5. Sanjay Van, New Delhi


Image Courtesy: Holidify

This rambling forest is apparently Delhi’s most spooky place. People have stated seeing a woman clad in white saree running alongside your car and abruptly vanishing into thin air close to the cremation ground. Go on a drive with your partner after the sun goes down and have a race with the lady.

#6. Dow Hill, Kurseong, Darjeeling


Image Courtesy: Unsolved Mysteries India

Dow Hill is a place with lush green trees and gives a very scenic view. It might not be a sought after hill station because of its beauty, but it is definitely one of the most haunted places in India. The local woodcutters claim to have heard footsteps and have seen a headless boy walking in the forests who suddenly disappears.

#7. The Brijraj Bhavan Palace, Rajasthan


Image Courtesy: Heritage Hotels Of India

Brijraj Bhavan, once a palace, is converted into a heritage hotel. It is haunted by the ghost of Major Burton, who along with his sons was shot right inside the palace. Many consider this place to be the most mysterious place in India. The ghost of the British Major doesn’t really harm anyone, but the security guards state to have been slapped by an invisible hand. Book a room in this heritage hotel and have a night full of adventure.

#8. Bengal Swamps, West Bengal


Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Bengal Swamps or the Aleya Ghost Lights is one of those places where you can see lights over lake. According to local people, it is the ghost of a fisherman who drowned in the lake long ago, and the light is the sign of danger that fishermen in this area use.

#9. Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai


Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Yes, you read it right! It is the savvy Taj Mahal Hotel, which has a place in this list. The ghost of the architect, who killed himself because the hotel was not build as per his design, loiters around the corridor of the hotel. Many people complain about unusual sightings in the hotel, but they claim the ghost doesn’t harm anyone. This is the best place to have a luxurious ghostly experience, we are sure your partner would love it here.

#10. The Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie


Image Courtesy: Pehchaan India

The Mysterious Affair At Styles, by Agatha Christie is based on the death of Lady Garnet Orme, who haunts the Savoy Hotel. Lady Garnet was found dead under mysterious circumstances, and when examined, it was found that she died of cyanide poisoning. This case created a sensation and came to an end when the doctor too was found dead of cyanide poisoning. Book a room in this hotel and be ready to bump into Lady Garnet’s ghost anytime at night.

#11. GP Block, Meerut


Image Courtesy: WordPress

GP Block is a complex covering three ancient houses with creepers climbing over the parapets. It is an unspoiled location that is perfect for a horror flick. However, this is not related with any alarming haunting, locals have seen several ghosts here. The most common one that locals see are four boys drinking alcohol and chatting with a single candle lit. In other cases, people have reported to have seen a lady clad in a red dress coming out of the deserted house.

#12. Shaniwar Wada Fort, Pune


Image Courtesy: WordPress

Shaniwar Wada Fort, definitely the creepiest place in Pune, has seen numerous scary incidences. It is said that the level of paranormal action is on its peak on each full moon night. The mysterious tale behind the bizarre activities says that a young prince was cruelly slaughtered here and his spirit haunts the fort and when the sun sets, noises of him screaming “kaka mala vacha” (uncle save me) can be heard. Many locals camp in the fort grounds just to hear the shrieks of the little boy. You and your partner can join some locals there, and camp in the fort grounds and have a creepy story of your own.

#13. National Library, Kolkata


Image Courtesy: Viceroy Hotel

The National Library of Kolkata, once the residence of Lieutenant Governor of Bengal, is known for two things, its rare collection of books and supernatural activities that are frequently reported. Apparently, one can still hear footsteps in the hall. People claim it’s the Governor’s wife who haunts the place. The security guards are skeptical about the night shift, but generally do not confess it. When the ancient building was renewed, twelve labourers died in to an accident. Do not miss paying a visit to this place with your partner as you get a chilly experience and hands on some very rare books too.

#14. Aarey Milk Colony, Mumbai


Image Courtesy: Mumbai Paused

Aarey Milk Colony has one of the utmost beautiful roads in Mumbai, but this road too has a mysterious past and a tale supporting it. This road becomes very eerie after 10 in the night. People travelling via this road have many incidents to narrate, the most common one being of a woman who asks people for a lift. Those who are brave enough to give her a lift, the lady makes sure, have the hell of an experience. And, the ones who ignore her will find her running alongside their vehicle, shrieking when she runs with them. People usually find her in the middle of the road standing alone or sometimes accompanied with a child. Go on a drive on the road to Aarey Milk Colony with your partner and try giving lift to the ghost lady, she will give you the eeriest experience.

#15. Bhangarh Fort, Ajabgarh, Rajasthan


Image Courtesy: Trek Earth

This is the most haunted place in India, but reaching here is not easy. You will have to trek through wrecked roads for miles before you get to this abandoned town, which is in ruins. Scattered with homes, temples, shops and a fort, Bhangarh town was erected in the sixteenth century by Raja Bhagwant Das. According to the legends, there was a magician who fell in love with the princess of Bhangarh and made all arrangements to cast an evil spell on her to make her fall in love with him. But, the princess came to know about his plans and got him killed. Before dying, the magician cursed the town saying every person will be dead and no roof will remain in that town. The very next year, the city was ruined in a battle. The temples and houses their do not have roofs even now.

#16. Agrasen Ki Baoli, New Delhi


Image Courtesy: Tripoto

Agrasen Ki Baoli has a very unique architectural design, which was a signature design centuries ago. This beautifully designed central stepped well has no identified historical records to show who built it. It is under the guard of ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) as it is a rare ancient specimen, and it is one of its kinds. People visiting this place say they feel they are being followed by some invisible force. This place is something you and your partner need to experience to really believe it.

#17. Kuldhara, Rajasthan


Image Courtesy: Tripadvisor

The Kuldhara village of Rajasthan is a deserted village, now assumed to be inhabited by ghosts, has been abandoned since the 1800s. The history says this village carries a curse of the villagers who once used to live there and vanished overnight. One night in somewhere around 1825, all the villagers of Kuldhara mysteriously vanished in dark with no warning. It is believed that the then Minister Salim Singh had an eye on the beautiful daughter of the chieftain and wanted to marry her. He threatened the villagers that he would double their taxes if the planned marriage did not happen. The chieftain along with other villagers decided to migrate elsewhere to protect his daughter. Nobody ever saw them leaving nor could anyone tell where they went. While leaving, the villagers cursed the village, apparently making it uninhabitable.

‘Spirits never die’, as per Hindu mythology. It is believed that souls of people who have died an unnatural death stay back seeking vengeance, or sometimes trying to fulfill some unfulfilled dreams, this causes some places to become haunted. We dare you to plan your next vacation or a weekend getaway with your partner to some of these places!

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