17 Lesser Known Facts About Shah Rukh Khan That We Bet Will Leave You Shocked

November 2, 2015 — by Team PeppyStory

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Shah Rukh Khan is a name that the entire world knows about. His fame is unbeatable. A self-made man who has worked very hard to be on the top. He has made you laugh, cry, whether it is a villain or a hero, his characters have always left an impact on your mind. [Read: 20 Years Of Falling In Love! Watch Shah Rukh Khan And Kajol Recreate Their DDLJ Magic]

We all know Shah Rukh Khan from the surface, but there is so much more to this superstar.

So, as King Khan turned 50, we bring to you some of the lesser known facts about this superstar.

#1. His name

lesser known facts about shah rukh khan

Shah Rukh was originally named Abdul Rahman by his nani (his maternal grandmother). Apparently, his father changed it to Shah Rukh Khan, which is quite relevant as it means the King.

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#2. He was adopted

lesser known facts about shah rukh khan

Since his nani always wanted to have a son, she adopted Shah Rukh Khan. However, after living with her till the age of five to six years, he returned to stay with his parents.

#3. The career he wanted

lessser known facts about Shah rukh khan

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The King of Bollywood actually wanted to be an army officer. He was interested in joining the defence forces. But his mother was reluctant in sending his only son to the army. However, when he entered the entertainment industry, he did get to play his desired profession in the serial Fauji.

lesser known facts about shah rukh khan

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#4. Initial offers

shah rukh khan lesser known facts

Shah Rukh Khan was offered a film by Harry Baweja as well as actress Esha Deol’s cousin in the initial days. As he was not keen on entering Bollywood, he let the offers pass.

#5. Actor or Director

shah rukh khan lesser known facts

When he was finally interested in Bollywood, he thought about making films rather than be in the films. Thank god he listened to his calling and became an actor! Maybe one day we will see the Badshaah donning the director’s hat as well.

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#6. Five films in a row

lesser known facts about shah rukh khan

It is a fact that newcomers have to struggle, and claw their way out to success. Shah Rukh Khan struggled too, but we believe that the makers saw something in him. And that is why he was offered five different films in a day before he even started as an actor!

#7. Hippophobia

lesser known facts about shah rukh khan

In Om Shanti Om, Shah Rukh’s character had a phobia of fire. In real life, he has a fear of horses. Shah Rukh is scared of horses, yet he never lets it come in his way of riding one when the role demands.

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#8. Butter and run


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Shah Rukh is very particular about his diet. He absolutely says no to all the dishes that are prepared with butter. Also, he can run for 15 km without a break. No wonder he looks so good even at 50!


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#9. No beard

shah rukh khan lesser known facts

Shah Rukh does not like keeping a beard in real life because he and his children find it scratchy. And, we all know that this man can do anything for his family.

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#10. Alone time

lesser known facts about shah rukh khan

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Shah Rukh likes to spend time alone with himself. He spends hours in his bathroom because that is the place where he does all the thinking. He also likes to watch movies in the darkness of his car.

#11. The wedding ring


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The Badshaah loves his begum, Gauri irrevocably. You might find it shocking, but he wears his wedding band in his right hand. Why? Even we do not know that!

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#12. The odd jobs


Image Courtesy: Jab Tak Hai Jaan

To support himself, before becoming an actor, Shah Rukh Khan used to run a restaurant in Darya Ganj. He was an usher at a Pankaj Udhas concert, and was paid Rs. 50 per day.

#13. Poor Hindi


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Even as a student, Shah Rukh was very hardworking, but Hindi was not his best subject. To make him better at it, his mother would promise to take him for a movie, so that he would study well. This is how he mastered this subject too.

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#14. Ticket counter


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On the opening of his movie, Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, Shah Rukh himself sold movie tickets on the booking counter.

#15. How he started


Image Courtesy: Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman

When Shah Rukh came to Mumbai to become an actor, he stayed with Viveck Vaswani, who helped him meet with different directors and producers. Veteran actress, Hema Malini also helped Shah Rukh to start his career.

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#16. Movie offer at Lamhe premiere


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Shah Rukh Khan was at the theatre with his friend Viveck Vaswani, watching Lamhe, when his secretary came and told him that Yash Chopra was considering to cast him in his next movie. He immediately went to his office and was cast in Darr.

#17. Ironed pyjamas

lesser known facts about shah rukh khan

Shah Rukh has an odd habit of sleeping in well-ironed pyjamas. He believes that you have no idea about whom you may encounter in your dreams, so you must always be properly dressed.

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Now, you know your favourite actor a little bit more. Shah Rukh is not just an actor, he is an engima in himself. We hope that he continues to entertain us like this for years. Here is wishing him health and success to him on his birthday!

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