15 Super-Romantic DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For The Love Of Your Life!

February 11, 2016 — by Team PeppyStory


We are sure you must be planning to buy some gifts from the market to pamper your Valentine. But wait! Don’t you “buy” gifts for your loved ones on every other occasion, just a thought! Valentine’s Day is a special day when you get to show how much you love your partner. So, why not go that extra mile to express the importance that your Valentine holds in your heart? And, to help you out, here are some simple DIY Valentine’s Day gifts.

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#1. Flowers


Image Courtesy: Camille Styles (left), Crafthubs (right)

Who wouldn’t like to have a bunch of flowers on Valentine’s Day? Be it a girl or a boy, everyone secretly expects flowers on this day. This time, instead of buying flowers which will die anyways, go a step further and make your own bunch of flowers. Use wool for the same. Making them is really easy and they will stay with your partner for a very long time. Here’s a video tutorial to help you out in creating your love-filled bouquet:

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#2. Reason for love


Image Courtesy: Etsy (left), Honesty Flambe (right)

Well, wouldn’t you feel special if you get to know why you are loved so much by your partner? Similarly, your partner would like it too. So, write all of the reasons and put them in a box or prepare a little booklet. And, the smile on their face while reading all those reasons will certainly be priceless, right?

#3. Date jar


Image Courtesy: Crafthubs (left), The Realistic Mama (right)

No offence girls, but it is men who make comparatively more efforts in planning a date. This time, why don’t you take the initiative? Gift him a jar full of pre-planned dates for an entire year. This will be his easy access. He can exchange one date pass at any time of the month. He will be really amazed by this gift.

#4. Lovely candles


Image Courtesy: Lushome

If you have bought candles to gift to your Valentine, stop right there. Give those candles a personal touch by following really simple steps. Use different coloured sheets with various patterns and cut them according to the size of the candle. Stick it on them and they will become handmade. You can even write love-filled messages on them. Simple yet great!

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#5. Garlands


Garlands look very pretty when they are hung anywhere. Make your own Valentine’s Day garland for your Valentine’s home. Not only will this make your sweetheart’s room look beautiful, but they will also remember you every time they will look at it.

#6. Message in a bottle


Image Courtesy: My Sister’s Suitcase (left), A Pumpkin & A Princess

There must be a thousand things that you would want to say to your Valentine. Instead of saying them out loud, write them on a piece of paper and roll them into small scrolls. Put them inside a self-decorated bottle and give it to your Valentine. They will cherish this forever.

#7. Memory board


Image Courtesy: Etsy

We know that you cherish a lot of memories that you created with your partner. Put your favourite pictures of you two on a board and write a few lines about those. You can even put the pictures in a sequence that will tell your love story.

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#8. Movie boxes


Image Courtesy: Etsy (left), Fantabulosity (right)

Movie dates are always an awesome idea. But, why go to the movie theatre when you can have an amazing movie date night at home with just the two of you there. In an open box, put some DVDs, popcorn bags, snacks and some champagne and give it to your Valentine. You both will enjoy this little box of happiness.

#9. Mason jars miniatures


Image Courtesy: Crazy Little Projects (left), The Darice Craft Blog (right)

Mason jars are great for a DIY gift for any occasion. Simply buy a mason jar and decorate it as you want to. Then, put in it the miniatures of whatever your partner likes. It can be mini-chocolates, alcohol bottles, cosmetics or anything else. Besides, miniatures are always a cute idea, don’t you agree?

#10. Poetic gift


Image Courtesy: Etsy

Poems are ‘oh! so romantic’, right? This time, instead of just buying a book of poems for your Valentine, get their favourite poems printed on beautiful papers and wrap them up nicely. They will be surprised to see that you have put so many efforts even in the packing of the gifts.

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#11. Heart-shaped pillows


Image Courtesy: Haberdashery Fun

Simply cut out heart shapes from some cloth, stuff it with cotton and stitch it. It is easier than you think, isn’t it? Make a lot of these little fluffy hearts for your Valentine. Easy, yet so sweet!

#12. Romantic bookmarks


Image Courtesy: Wonderful DIY (left), Stagetecture (right)

Is your Valentine into reading books? If yes, this would be a great gift for them. Make some heart-shaped bookmarks. Not only are these pretty, but are very useful as well. They will definitely use these bookmarks while reading all the romantic novels they have and will think of you every time.

#13. Balloons


Image Courtesy: By Patit

This is yet another super-easy gift idea to show your romantic side this Valentine’s Day. Simply get some inflated balloons from market. Cut out some interesting designs or some messages and paste them on the balloons. Now take these balloons and surprise your darling! Wasn’t that easy?

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#14. Nail paint


Image Courtesy: Delighted Momma

This is a cheat tip for the boys who are either late in buying a gift or are short of money. Buy a few bottles of colourless nail paint. Add some heart-shaped glitter in them in different colours. Now tie them together with a ribbon. Your self-made Valentine’s Day gift is ready.

#15. Romantic dinner


Having a candle light dinner is just so mainstream. So, to make your Valentine’s Day dinner special, decorate the entire place with handmade hearts, rose petals, heart-shaped balloons and more such romantic props. Let all of them sparkle and shine to create a perfect ambience for your special evening.

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Little efforts go a long way. These little things that you will do for your partner will not only make them feel loved, but will also make them realise how special they are for you! So, just get started with your favourite ideas from the list and get set for a super-romantic Valentine’s Day!

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