13 Annoying And Irritating Things Only People Who Love To Read Books Will Relate To

December 18, 2015 — by Team PeppyStory


A rainy day, a view to kill for from your balcony, a comfortable recliner, a hot cup of coffee, and your favourite book! If you just went into your dream world with a huge smile on your face, then this article is meant just for you! Reading is a passion; one that is infectious and does not allow the person to keep down a book, once they start reading it. But, people who actually have this keeda of reading are many a times faced with situations where they just want to scream at the top of their lungs when someone is being pesky in general.

So, we decided to get you 13 such funny instances that annoy the hell out of book lovers to the core!

bookworm cozy corner

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#1. When someone keeps asking you silly questions even when they can see you reading


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Why is it so hard for them to understand that you are busy reading and are genuinely not interested in what they have to say! The book is any day more interesting.

#2. When you have just started a new murder mystery and some jerk tells you who the killer is


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I hope a bull runs you down! I so hope it does!!

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#3. When the book you want is not available


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And the only thing I do, day and night is to call the book store, and check if it is here!

#4. When you cannot attend the annual book fair due to other family commitments

lord of the rings frodo sam

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Because you had to go to buaji’s son’s mehendi function! Life really is not fair, and we get you!

#5. When people in the library start coochie-cooing or talk loudly

daniel radcliffe being awesome

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Well, go get a room already people!

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#6. When you want a new book for your birthday but get a dress instead

madras cafe nargis fakhri

A dress? I have hundreds of those already! Couldn’t you get my hints that I wanted the first edition of Catch-22? This is the worst birthday ever!

#7. When people who know nothing about books try to show off

princess diaries

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“Chetan Bhagat writes such amazing murder stories.” Like really? Should I book you a psychiatrist appointment, or will you do the honours yourself?

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#8. When your favourite character in the book turns out to be the villain, or worse, dies

dumbledore crying

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#9. When your favourite book is turned into a movie and honestly, it is an insult to the original!

miley cyrus

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Why can’t they just make new scripts and leave the amazing books alone?

#10. When you hate the star cast

3 idiots

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As if the pathetic remake was not enough, casting a 50-year-old actor as a college student ruins it for you right there!

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#11. When the book sequel you have waited to release turns out to be utter rubbish

silver linings playbook

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Seriously, who does that to a classic? Why write a sequel if you are going to make it die a sad death?

#12. When people call you a nerd/geek


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Okay, so reading a book does not make me a nerd! But, I am proud of my obsession with books and book characters!

#13. When you have friends who have no books to read at their homes, forget a book shelf


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Imagine staying at their place for a few days when you have gone to visit them! Injustice personified!

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We hope you had a good laugh while reading this, and if you know another book lover, then you must tag them on this post.

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