10 Ways To Upgrade House Without Spending A Fortune

December 21, 2017 — by Team PeppyStory

Upgrading a house can cost bombs which is why most of us suppress our desire of beautifying our abode. If you are keeping yourself from re-decorating your place because of budget issues then, you are going to do a happy dance after reading the easy and budget-friendly ways that we have for upgrading a house

1. Play with Mirrors
If you have limited space and you want it to look breezy and bright, get mirrors into action. While mirrors can cost a bit much, adhesive mirrored tiles don’t. You can use them in your kitchen and in the living area. Not only will they hide the flaws, they are easy to work with and make your place look cleaner and bigger.

2. Renew the Walls
Give your walls some character without spending a fortune. Instead of tiles and expensive wallpapers, use peel-and-stick wall panels. They come at one-third price of the tiles and you can save big time on labour as you don’t need an expert in using them. Just rip off the peel and stick them to your wall.


3. Build Shelves
If you cannot afford different cupboards, upgrade your storage by building shelves. Shelves will give you
more storage space and will keep the area organised. You can do the same in your room with clothes. These shelves look elegant and are cheaper than cupboards.

4. Countertop
When it comes to upgrading your kitchen, you don’t need to change all the cabinets. Work on the countertops and clean the rest of the things. Use faux granite or plywood to refurnish your countertop. Your kitchen will look amazing.

5. Fix and Clean
If you do not have the budget of getting everything new, fix the things which you have and paint them. Clean the faucets, fill in the cracks in the doors and the walls. Get rid of the rust and the dust. It will make your house to look anew.


6. Bring the Green
Green plants can help you big time in renovating a home. Upgrade your home with beautifully potted house plants. It will give your house a fresh touch. For the balcony and the lawn, use veins and plants of different heights to create a landscape. It will give an oomph factor to your place.

7. Create a room outside
Be creative and increase your living space. Use the waste space outside or use a part of your balcony to create an additional room outside your home. This outdoor room will be an added but affordable luxury.


8. Paint and Light
When in doubt, paint your place. Painting the house is one of the cheapest things that you can do to upgrade it. Along with the paint, consider the natural light of your home. If your home is blessed with natural light, use colours like white, light mint and millennial shades in combination with the paint and light. It will make your home look brighter and bigger.


9. DIY Decorations
Use your art and craft and make some beautiful things for your home. Use old jam jars and wine bottles to make your own chandeliers. Fairy lights can help you big time in beautifying your place. You can make strings of photograph and decorate your walls with them.


10. Special Wall
One of the cheapest things that you can do to upgrade your home is to have a signature wall. Paint the main wall of your living room with a deeper colour which contrasts with the rest of your home and furniture. It will give your home a rich look.


You don’t need to empty your pockets to upgrade your home but a clear vision. Get your personality in your home with these simple tricks. With just a few clever tricks, you can make your nest look beautiful.