10 Ways To Style Like Rich Without Spending Fortune

December 19, 2017 — by Team PeppyStory

Who wouldn’t want to look rich but when the fortune doesn’t favour you, styling rich becomes a distant dream. Don’t lose hope as we are here to help you. We are going to make you look absolutely amazing while keeping you in under your budget. Here are some simple tricks on how you can style like rich without spending a fortune:

1. Appropriate Dressing
The first thing that you need to focus on is appropriate dressing. It means that you cannot show up everywhere in your shorts and t-shirts. This one is especially applicable to men. Wear plain or plaid shirts with your jeans or pants. This will give you a sharp look. For a rather formal setting, wear the same outfit with a jacket.1

2. Fit Matters
If there is one thing that can make or break your look, it is the fitting of your clothes. You will look great if your clothes fit you right. Otherwise, even a suit from Burberry won’t be able to save you. Girls, make sure that your jeans or kurtas are tailored according to your size.2

3. Layering is the Key
Layering is in always in fashion and can save you big time. Instead of buying a number of branded clothes, invest in accessories. Your monotone dress or tops will look fabulous with a scarf or a jacket. Layer your clothes keeping different prints and textures in mind if you wanna look like a million dollar baby.BeFunky Collage

4. Back to the Basics
There are some all-time favourite items which always look expensive when carried well. These are a little black dress, a white shirt, a pair of heels and some decent leather shoes. No matter even if you get these items from a flea market, they always grab attention.3

5. Lace Up
If you really want to dress rich, dress in lace. Laces have something about them which gives them a royal touch, maybe because most of the queens wore it. Clothes with lace on do not cost a bundle but surely look amazing.

6. Bare Minimals
If you want to show an air of wealth without spending much, don’t go flaunting those chunky watches and metallic necklaces. Keep your jewellery, especially necklaces, simple. If you are wearing artificial jewellery, stick to strings. This will make you look elegant and no one would notice that they are fake.


7. Coordinate your attire
Make sure to coordinate your attire even if you are on a budget. Your bag, shoes and outfit should talk to each other. If you think that an accessory doesn’t do justice to your attire, drop it as it can spoil the entire look.


8. Classic Colours
There are some colours which never go out of style and are so versatile that they can work with anything. If you are on a budget, invest in clothes and accessories in colours like black, white, tan, nude or blue. These work well with other colours too. For example, you can wear your black shoes with your floral print dress, black skirt and even white. Animal prints  should be worn only as a accent piece like scarf, shrug


7. Take care of the loose ends
One of the greatest faux pas that can happen is threads hanging from the dress or the stitching coming out. So, when you go shopping, make sure that the clothes or the accessories that you are buying do not have loose ends. They needn’t be super finished but they should hold on well.


10. Grooming is must
Investing in yourself is the biggest asset. If your hygiene is impeccable, your confidence is high and your manners are polite you can make anything look rich and classy. If your hair is greasy, untidy and you are slouching, not even Armani can save you.

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You don’t need money to look rich, you just need style. With these simple tricks, you are going to be a gorgeous person anywhere you go. Keep your game and your style always up.