10 Times Hollywood Blatantly Copied From Our Indian Movies

February 28, 2016 — by Team PeppyStory

hollywood movies copied from bollywood kill bill maine pyaar kyun kiya

Creativity is what every movie needs. Right from the actors to the directors, from the script to the story, every single part needs an ingenious eye to deliver the best, or if not the best, then at least something different. But sadly, time to time we see a particular plot or the whole story being inspired from some Hollywood movie. ‘”Bollywood movies are a complete copy of their Hollywood counterparts,” is what we have to hear most of the time. But, have you ever thought that even Hollywood ripped off plots from Bollywood films?

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Unbelievable! But true. Yes, even plots of our very own Bollywood movies were indeed copied by Hollywood. It may surprise you, but there are several Hollywood films that were directly copied from Indian movies. Many of these Hollywood movies have also won awards. Here, we have got a list of Hollywood movies inspired by Bollywood, just for you.

#1. Kill Bill – Abhay

Hollywood movies copied from Bollywood movies kill bill abhay

Many of you have watched Kill Bill, and if you ever wondered that its famous animation sequence was rather inspired by Kamal Haasan-starrer Telugu movie, Aalavandhan (Hindi: Abhay),then you were right!

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Tarantino in his private conversation with Anurag Kashyap admitted that the Kill Bill ‘O-Ren Ishii Japanese’ animation was adapted from the Indian Telugu movie. Kashyap says:

‘Yes, Naman Ramchandran, the Sight & Sound critic first voiced me this. So, when I met Quentin Tarantino in Venice, I questioned him whether the Manga sequence in Kill Bill was enthused from an Indian film, and he readily remarked, ‘Yes, I watched this Indian film about a serial killer that showed animated violence.’

Kashyap further explains:

‘There is only one Indian film about a serial killer which was released before Kill Bill where aggressiveness was animated, and that was Aalavandhan/Abhay.’

#2. Divorce Invitation – Aahvaanam

Hollywood movies copied from Bollywood movies divorce invitation aavahanam

S.V. Krishna Reddy ventured into Hollywood with the English romantic comedy, Divorce Invitation, which was a remake of his own Telugu movie, Aahvaanam. The movie is about a man who married his sweetheart, but falls in love with another girl and wants a divorce from his wife. According to a bond signed by the couple, the one who wants a divorce has to organise a divorce ceremony. And everyone who attended the wedding have to attend that ceremony in which the reason for divorce needs to be explained.

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#3. Jab We Met – Leap Year

Hollywood movies copied from Bollywood movies jab we met leap year

The makers of Leap Year claim it is not inspired from iconic movie, Jab We Met. But, the scenes and story are way too familiar for us to go with what they say. Both the movies are about a verbose girl, who is determined to run away from her home to her boyfriend, and propose to him for marriage. On the way, she meets a very down-to-earth, but sad man and takes help from him. They argue, stay at a hotel and are forced to share a room, and finally, they fall in love. Then they separate, and both of their lives are changed forever. They reunite. End of movie. The only difference is Jab We Met shows Punjabi culture and has musical numbers, while Leap Year focuses on Irish culture as it takes place in Ireland.

#4. Just Go With It – Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya?

Hollywood movies copied from Bollywood movies Just go with it maine pyaar kyun kiya

The story of Salman Khan, Sushmita Sen and Katrina Kaif starrer, Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya? has been completely ripped off by director Dennis Duggan for his American rom-com movie, Just Go With It starring, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, and Adam Sandler. Though the story of both the movies are said to be inspired from a 1969 Hollywood movie, Cactus Flower, still they both differ a lot from the original one. But, the similarities between Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya? and Just Go With It cannot be passed off unnoticed.

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#5. Hitch – Chhoti Si Baat

hollywood movies copied from bollywood movies hitch chhoti si baat

No prize for guessing from where Salman Khan and Govinda starrer comedy movie, Partner was inspired from. Yes, the movie that left your stomach aching with so much laughter was inspired by Hitch. Well, this does not end here, Hitch was in turn inspired from an Indian classic, Chhoti Si Baat, but no one said so publicly. Chhoti Si Baat portrays a man (veteran actor Amol Palekar), who tries to woo a girl, but fails everytime. He seeks help from a man (love guru) who claims to change people’s lives in exchange of money.

#6. Fear – Darr

Hollywood movies copied from Bollywood movies darr fear

‘Fear is an American thriller film starring Reese Witherspoon, Amy Brenneman, Mark Wahlberg, Alyssa Milano and William Petersen, directed by James Foley. Darr till date is one of the most successful movies of Bollywood. And, Shah Rukh Khan did full justice to the obsessed character. Many say Fear was inspired by Darr, but many scenes are very similar to call it just an inspiration. The clear proof that Darr inspired Fear is when the stalker writes the girl’s name on his chest, which originated in Darr and was a very famous scene.

Hollywood movies copied from Bollywood movies darr

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#7. A Common Man – A Wednesday

Hollywood movies copied from Bollywood movies a common man a wednesday

A Common Man is a thriller movie released in 2013 directed by Chandran Rutnam, the Sri Lankan filmmaker, starring Ben Cross and the Oscar award winner Ben Kingsley. It is an official remake of A Wednesday released in 2008, with the screenplay being reworked upon by Chandran Rutnam. A Common Man won many awards, namely, the Best Picture, Best Actor and Best Director at the Madrid International Festival and even won bronze medal at the New York Festivals’ International Television and Film Awards in the Feature Films category, three of the 327 Finalist Certificates, 104 Bronze, 145 Silver and 119 Gold World Medals that day.

#8. Pearl Harbor – Sangam

Hollywood movies copied from Bollywood movies sangam pearl harbour

Sangam is a romantic classic starring Raj Kapoor as Sundar, Rajendra Kumar as Gopal and Vyjayanthimala as Radha. It features a love triangle between Sundar, Gopal and Radha, where Sundar and Gopal happen to be best friends, brought up together, but they fall for the same girl. When Gopal decides to sacrifice his love for his best friend’s sake, Sundar’s flight is shot down over Kashmir and he is declared dead. Radha and Gopal fall in love, but when Sundar returns Gopal again sacrifices his love by killing himself. Pearl Harbor has exactly the same story, but the war background was of the tragic war at Pearl Harbor and both the lead actors were in Air Force.

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#9. Delivery Man – Vicky Donor

Hollywood movies copied from Bollywood movies vicky donor delivery man

Ayushmann Khurrana fans will be very happy to know that their favourite actor’s movie, Vicky Donor has inspired the plot of Hollywood movie released under the name, The Delivery Man. Both the movies have heroes who donate sperm in exchange of money, and hundreds of kids were born to them. The plot of The Delivery Man is too similar to Vicky Donor to pass it of as a co-incidence.

#10. Win A Date With Tad Hamilton – Rangeela

Hollywood movies copied from Bollywood movies win a date with tad hamilton rangeela

Rangeela is about a girl who is caught in a love triangle between her best friend and a famous movie actor. Win A Date With Tad Hamilton has exactly the same story except for very few variations. The best friend was for sure not a tapori as played by Aamir Khan, and the girl wins a date with Tad Hamilton unlike Urmila earning an audition for a part in Jackie Shroff’s new movie. Win A Date With Tad Hamilton came almost nine years after the release of Rangeela, but the slight variation was not enough for the movie to be something new, rather it raised eyebrows of our Bollywood filmmakers.

Poor Bollywood! After earning a bad name for copying stories from various other movies, it turns out our Indian film industry is not the only one inclined to artfully ‘getting inspired’. Everyone would be tired of hearing how our desi films are copied from Hollywood movies, but now you know that this even happens the other way around. All Bollywood fans (like us of course!), now we have got something to shut the Hollywood lovers up, the ones who keep saying that our Indian movie makers slyly get inspired by Hollywood movies.

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