10 Things That Definitely Happen During An India-Pakistan Cricket Match

March 18, 2016 — by Rinkel

Things That Definitely Happen During An India Pakistan Match sachin tendulkar shahid afridi

Admit it, we Indians love to flaunt our patriotism for our country in exactly three situations. Firstly, on Independence Day. Secondly, while visiting a foreign country. And thirdly and most importantly- during an India-Pakistan cricket match. Whenever the two neighbouring countries face each other on the cricket ground, the people of these two nations go crazy. Even the non-cricket lovers turn towards the TV that day to watch their favourite players skim each other on-field. India-Pakistan cricket match means an ‘unofficial holiday’ in both the countries.

Then let us take you through many such instances that happens for sure during an India-Pakistan match. By the end of the list, we are sure you would be nodding your head in acceptance at every point.

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#1. Doing NOTHING

T20 World Cup India Pakistan Cricket Match

Image Courtesy: Quora

What! Go to the office on an Indo-Pak match day? No way! And even if you go, you sit with all your co-workers and your boss in front of the TV cheering India on.

#2. Swear Day

T20 World Cup India Pakistan Cricket Match

Image Courtesy: Tumblr

Yes, yes we know we Indians swear on all other days as well. But during India-Pakistan cricket match, the level of swearing increases with every dropped ball, wicket and even a six!

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#3. Indian Jugaad

T20 World Cup India Pakistan Cricket Match

We are famous worldwide for our sense of jugaad. So, while watching the match we are all prepared with arms and ammunitions to tackle any last-minute mishap. The TV is not working? No problem, we have a second set handy. If the cable is not coming, no problem, we can switch to mobile TV. And if data pack gets over, then we switch to radio. The things we do to know minute-by-minute updates of our beloved cricket match, sigh!

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#4. Friendly Betting Season

T20 World Cup India Pakistan Cricket Match

Image Courtesy: Daily Bhaskar

This is the time when are people are ready to bet their lives to prove themselves right in front of their friends. From money to even our collection of DVDs to even a box of toffees and promises of treats- we bet with anything that we could lay our hands and feet on!

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#5. Lucky Charms

T20 World Cup India Pakistan Cricket Match

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

And this is also the day to take out all your lucky charms, be it a favourite T-shirt or your lucky bracelet, this is the day to go all over the place and try everything under the sun that can bring luck to the Indian team.

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#6. Bursting Crackers

T20 World Cup India Pakistan Cricket Match

Image Courtesy: IBN Live

Yes, we save our Diwali firecrackers for India-Pak cricket match and become too excited when we actually get a reason with India’s win to burst them at midnight.

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#7. Crying Out Sachin Sachin

T20 World Cup India Pakistan Cricket Match

Even though we cannot do it anymore, but admit it, when India’s batting line-up comes up, somewhere you do wish for Sachin Tendulkar to magically appear and win this one for our country.

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#8. Patiala Peg Laga Ke

T20 World Cup India Pakistan Cricket Match

If you start keeping a count of the number of beers you knock down during Indo-Pak cricket fever, then you are in it for a very long time.

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#9. Hawan Karenge Hawan Karenge

T20 World Cup India Pakistan Cricket Match

This is the time to please the Gods, so it is but obvious you would indulge in organising hawans and poojas round the day. Whenever a Pakistani batsman gets out, it is all because of that extra ladoo you offered the God.

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#10. Go Bonkers On Streets

T20 World Cup India Pakistan Cricket Match

Image Courtesy: Sify

Because when India beats Pakistan in cricket, it gives you the right for officially going mad. So, we go all out on streets, honk our car horns, play blaring music, tear our shirts and hug random strangers!

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So, sit back and relax today as you enjoy India confront Pakistan in the T20 World Cup and do all this and more because it is INDIAAAA INDIAA!!