10 Home Decor Ideas For A Spooky Halloween Celebration Party

October 30, 2015 — by Team PeppyStory

halloween decor ideas

Fall has finally arrived! It is the harvest season and the season of holidays. It is also the time to take all the wicked stuff out of the closet, dress up and celebrate Halloween. Well, Halloween is a festival that everyone enjoys. Be it going for trick or treat like kids or attending parties like adults, it has something for all the age groups.

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Halloween is a very mysterious festival. Suddenly, we start believing in ghosts and other paranormal stuff. If you are throwing a Halloween party, make sure that your decor is up to the mark. It must exude the crux and spirit of this spine-tingling festival.

For you, we have some ideas on how you can ‘spooki-fy’ the decor for your Halloween party.

#1. Halloween luminaries

halloween decor pumpkin

Image Courtesy: Patch

Luminaries are a great way to start your Halloween decorations with. You can buy the pumpkin ones from the market or just make some by yourself.

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halloween decor ideas lumnaries

Image Courtesy: Kids Kubby

halloween decor ideas lumnaries

Image Courtesy: Country Living (left), Crayons And Collars (right)

Use tin cans, paper bags, jars or bottles. Paint them and insert battery operated tea lights. They provide the adequate amount of light that you need at night.

#2. Frightening garlands

halloween decor ideas cat garlands

Image Courtesy: Country Living

Garlands always come in handy in any kind of decorations. Since it is Halloween, you can ditch the flowery ones, and move to the frightening garlands. You can cut out shapes of pumpkins, cats or witches in any colour to make your own garlands.

halloween decor ideas garlands

Image Courtesy: Growing Up Gabel (left), Family Disney ( right)

You can be more creative and try different stuff for the same. Hang them all over your place.

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#3. Enter the haunted house

halloween decor ideas, haunted house

Image Courtesy: Pinterest (left), Country Living (right)

Scare your guests from the very first step, literally! Decorate your front door in such a way that it gives chills to your guests and gets them into the party mood instantly. You can be as creative as you want to be, but do not forget to think scary. Let the bats fly across your front door or have some ghosts hanging on the porch.

halloween decor ideas haunted house

Image Courtesy: The Garden Glove

#4. Itsy bitsy spider

halloween decor ideas  spider decoration

Image Courtesy: Ebay (left), Pinterest (right)

You may not like spiders, but on Halloween, they make for great decorations! Make lots of spiderwebs or lairs using thread, wool or paper roll, and hang them anywhere and everywhere.

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halloween decor ideas spider web decorations

Image Courtesy: Cot Cozy (left), Pinterest (right)

You can even buy plastic spiders and add some more thrill to the celebrations.

#5. Scary crows

halloween decor ideas scary crows

Image Courtesy: Country Living

What do all the scary books that we read or the movies that we watch on Halloween have in common? Yes, you guessed it right. It is  the crows. They are the messengers of bad omen. They give the sensation of eerie to one and all.

halloween decor ideas scary crows

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

And that is why, they are perfect for your Halloween decor.

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#6. Pumpkin blast

halloween decor ideas pumpkin

You have to have pumpkins as a part of your Halloween party decor. You need these anywhere and everywhere.

 pumpkin halloween decor ideas pumpkin-9

Images Courtesy: Home Dit

Pumpkin mugs, pumpkin mats, pumpkin lanterns, pumpkin shaped cookies, and pumpkin lattes! Incorporate them in everything as they are the essence of this festival.


Image Courtesy: Tumblr

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halloween decor ideas

P.S. Do not forget pumpkin heads.

halloween decor ideas pumpkin

Image Courtesy: Home Dit

#7. Spooky tablecloth

halloween decor ideas tablecloth

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Since it is a party and you will be serving food on the table, the best idea to add to the Halloween mood would be to ‘spooki-fy’ the dinner table as well. Start by spreading a Halloween-inspired tablecloth. It can have a spider print or a web design on it.

halloween decor ideas lumanries

This will lay the foundation for the gothic tablescape that you can create by following the points below.

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#8. Table accessories

halloween decor ideas halloween tablescape

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

If you want to create the best Halloween tablescape, you will need a few things. First, think about a theme. Candles and pumpkins are the essence of Halloween, so, you can start with that.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

You can add some miniature spooky skulls and ghosts. Making your table wear shoes will be a great idea too.

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#9. Funky crockery


Image Courtesy: Pinterest

This is an absolute must for your Halloween party. Using simple tricks, you can turn your old boring crockery into the funky ones. Cut a pumpkin and carve it. Empty it and insert a bowl in its cavity. Now, serve your food in that. Paint a few wine glasses as if blood is pouring out of them. You can even use your old honey jars. You can even use a cauldron to serve your food!


halloween decor ideas table accessories

Images Courtesy: Pinterest

#10. Hocus pocus

halloween decor ideas witches hat

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Aren’t you going to invite some witches on your Halloween party? Use some wicked witch decor items to let your guests know that they are not the only invitees of the party.

halloween decor ideas

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Broomsticks and witch hats are perfect for the decoration.

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Witches, cats, bats, pumpkins, crows and everything scary, should be your theme. It is Halloween,so it has to be blood-curdling. This is one occasion where your guests would love to be appalled. Have fun and happy Halloween to all!