10 Makeup Hacks For The Lazy Girls

December 17, 2017 — by Team PeppyStory

Most of us love to apply makeup but are too lazy to put it on perfectly. Let’s just say that some of us are too busy or laid back when it comes to applying makeup. If you are one of them then, we have some amazing makeup hacks which will give you that perfect finish.

1. Multipurpose Lipstick
If you think that a lipstick can do nothing more than just making your lips pop then, you are wrong. You can use your lipstick in so many different ways. Use your lipstick on your eyelids and cheeks instead of eyeshadow and a blush on. Just smudge a little tint on your eyes and cheeks and you are done!2
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2. Eyeshadow Contour

Contouring can be a huge task for a laid-back girl. First, contouring kit costs a bundle. Second, you will barely use it. So, when you are feeling a little experimental, use dark eyeshadows for contouring. Shades of brown and grey will work well on Indian skin tone.3

3. Easy Cat Eye

We all love cat eyes. Those dramatically winged strokes of black on the eyes give us an attractive boldness. To get perfect cat eyes is not easy. It requires a lot of practice and time to create perfect wings. Use a sticky note at the edge of your eyelid and use it as your guide for creating perfect cat eyes.4

4. Fake fuller lips
To create the illusion of fuller lips without sticking injections in the lips require some serious skills but with this simple trick, you can do it within seconds. Just apply a lighter shade of the same lipstick that you want to use in the centre of your upper and lower lip. Now put the shade that you want to wear all over your lips. Your lips will look fuller.
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5. Thick Lashes
If you want to have thicker eyelashes but have no clue about how to use fake ones then, use baby powder. Just dust your lashes with some baby powder and then put your mascara over it. Your lashes will look thicker and longer
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6. Long Lasting Lipstick
Even the best lipsticks cannot stay on your lips for more than 4-5 hours. If you are too lazy to apply your lipstick again and again then we have a cheat code for you. Once you are done applying your lipstick, put tissue paper on your lips and dust it with loose powder. Your lipstick will stay on for hours.8
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7. Thicker Hair
If putting in extensions is not your cup of coffee, we have another hack that can help you to complete your look with the best-looking hair. Use an eyeshadow closer to your hair colour and apply it on your scalp with a brush.
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8. Eyeliner Woes
This simple trick will save your time and efforts while giving you gorgeous eyes. Instead of putting on eyeliner, line your eyelash curler with kohl and use it on your eyes. With this hack, you will be able to curl your lashes and put an eyeliner too!
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9. Chapped Nail Paint Fix

Putting nail paint and waiting for it to dry is a task in itself and when the nail paint starts to chip in a few days, it surely breaks the heart. To fix that, all you need to do is to apply a top coat on your nails and your nail paint will not wear off that easily.

10. Perfect Base
To get that perfect makeup base, you need so many different products and a setting spray. If you are not in the mood for putting so many layers of makeup on your skin, just take a sponge and spray some water on it. Use this sponge to apply compact on your face. It will stay put for a very long time.

We are sure that nothing will keep you from looking flawless now. These simple hacks will make you look like a diva in minutes. No more excuses now. Use these simple tricks to look gorgeous every day.