10 Hacks To Style More With Smart Packing For Vacations

January 4, 2018 — by Team PeppyStory

Vacations are all about exploring new places, relaxing and sipping cocktails while looking our best. We want to be camera ready all the time. While we do want to look stylish when we are on a vacation, it is our need to travel light which stands opposite to our want. With these smart packing tricks, you will be able to carry more items with you without increasing the load!

1. Roll your clothes
This is the best trick when it comes to creating more space in the suitcase. Roll your clothes in sausages and pack them in your bag. This will give you more space to take more clothes with you.

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2. Multipurpose Straws
Staws are very useful when it comes to packing delicate things. You can use them to pack your chains and necklaces. This way, they will neither entangle nor break because of the staws. You can seal one end of the staw using a lighter and stuff it with powder makeup. Seal the other end too and your travel makeup packs are ready.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest Listotic

3. Double Packing
Double packing is the best as it gives you extra space and keeps your stuff in shape. Tuck your underwears inside your bra and then double fold the cups. Your bra will stay in shape and you will be able to save some space too. Similarly, you can stuff your shoes with socks.

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4. No Crease
For those who are taking crease-prone clothes with them, we have the perfect solution. Put your clothes in a dry clean bag and then fold them. The plastic will not let crease to touch your clothes.

5. Delicate Fragrance
Perfume bottles are delicate and expensive but we know that you can’t go anywhere without them. To keep them safe, you can stuff them up in your socks. We know the irony here!

6. Clean Wrap
A clean wrap is a blessing when it comes to handling bottles with liquid in them like the bottles of foundation, shampoo, shower gel, moisturizer and more. Put a square piece of clean wrap on the mouth of the bottle and then place the cap over it. Your spill-proof bottle is ready.

7. Makeup Woes
If you are worried that your second skin will get destroyed during the journey, use cotton pads and balls to keep them intact. Place cotton pads over the makeup and they will be fine. If the problem is storage, swap some Q-tips in your favourite eyeshadow and keep them in a zip-lock pouch.
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8. Handling Jewellery
No look is complete without some amazing jewellery. You can carry your rings in a pill case and your studs hooked up to the wholes of a button. You can put your jewellery carefully between two sheets of plastic wraps so that they don’t move.
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9. Versatile Fashion Accessories
There are some accessories which are so versatile that they can add a touch of glamour to your every look. For example, you can use a square scarf both as a belt and a bandana. Similarly, you can use your choker as a bracelet as well
Image Courtesy: Pinterest Fashion, Feedpuzzle

10. Tic-Tac in Tic-Tac
Tic-tac pins come handy when we are trying on those DIY hairstyles. To make sure that they do not go places and damage other stuff, keep them in empty tic-tac boxes. You can keep your bobby pins as in it as well.

You can take all of your favourite stuff on the vacation with these smart packing tricks. Whether it is clothes, makeup, toiletries or delicates, you, now, have a solution for every problem.