About us

What Is PeppyStory?

PeppyStory is lively, high-spirited, vivacious and energetic content; and it is anything but frivolous and superficial. We would certainly talk about stories that will bring a smile on your face, but will also add something that will make you think. Basically, we will stay with you in your mind and heart, long after you have closed the window on us!

What makes us different from others?

Well, things don’t have to be trending or going viral to be covered by us. Anything that can tickle your mind and heart at the same time will be here. Anything that can make you either think or smile will be here. Anything that can get your heartbeats racing (for sure nothing unsavory, repulsive or obnoxious here, we promise!) with excitement will be here!

So, what will we cover?

As we said…. We are working towards making a place in your heart and mind. We will make sure to cover at least one story a day that can bring a smile on your face, and that can either inspire you or can make your mind-boggle. Our stories will make you go, “Are you serious?” or “I so wanna do this” or “I want my friends to know this” or “This is just so amazing/funny/cute” (or “I so love you, guy!”).

Want to know more about our team?

We are those people who believe in making our content speak for itself, and for us! We are a team of young enthusiastic writers and editors, who come from different walks of lives. And, with our difference we bring our understanding of different kind of people to our work.

There is someone from early 20s to early 30s amongst us, there is someone who is hitched and someone who has wowed perpetual allegiance to Salman Khan’s gang of bachelorhood (well, after John Abraham ditched us!), and we have someone who is freshly out of college as well as someone who has been working for more than six years now.

And all this is what helps us bring the best to you because we are one of you!